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Everything has changed…again

It is two years today, 16th December, since I posted the first blog. Two years of intense, almost unbelievable change. Not just personally, but also globally. When I set this blog up in December 2019, I had no idea that the world and life… Continue Reading “Everything has changed…again”

Why Me?

These are the words my partner Ian uttered a week before he died aged 49. “Why Me?” That was the first time in the six years I had been with him that he had ever said that. And then he added these words: “Why… Continue Reading “Why Me?”

Its all about Belief

So today I went for a 6km hike in the bush. It took 1.5 hours in 28deg Celsius heat. I know, its hardly a marathon, but can I remind you that statistically I should have been dead along time ago, have lived with cancer… Continue Reading “Its all about Belief”

What are you doing with this one precious life?

Most of us try not to acknowledge the unarguable fact that one day we are going to die, and when the thought arises, we quickly suppress it rather than think about it. And yet, there is something incredibly liberating about facing up to your… Continue Reading “What are you doing with this one precious life?”

My Date with Death

In July 2018 I decided to take a month off from my usual life and sit with my dying. My foster daughter went to live with her brothers carer, and I took a month off from my job. My idea was to spend as… Continue Reading “My Date with Death”

Learning to let go..

This is an excerpt from my journal. Back about 6 years ago during the last year of Ian’s life. Sometimes it is hard for me to read these. The six years Ian and I were together was a period of intense and at times… Continue Reading “Learning to let go..”