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A call to love

This is the face of innocence. The face of bliss. A mind deeply connected with spirit and as yet, unprogrammed and undisturbed. This is the face of my grand-daughter, Wren. Once we were all like this. We came in, still deeply connected to spirit,… Continue Reading “A call to love”

Mind body spirit

I am not very interested in cancer. I guess you could think it is easy for me to say that when I experience very little discomfort or unwellness in my body from the cancer. Am I just fortunate, or is it because I don’t… Continue Reading “Mind body spirit”

How to Re-frame Cancer 1

None of us can choose what experiences Life brings across our path, but we can choose How we experience them. Suffering is optional. When I speak about suffering, I am meaning emotional or mental pain. Not physical pain. That is another story however managing… Continue Reading “How to Re-frame Cancer 1”