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A call to love

This is the face of innocence. The face of bliss. A mind deeply connected with spirit and as yet, unprogrammed and undisturbed. This is the face of my grand-daughter, Wren. Once we were all like this. We came in, still deeply connected to spirit,… Continue Reading “A call to love”

Know Yourself

I guess you could say that at the age of forty, when life as I knew it feel apart, I experienced a deep existential crisis. Possibly one of the greatest gifts Life could have sent me at the time. It didn’t feel that way… Continue Reading “Know Yourself”

love your body

Because it is the only one you are going to get this lifetime although you may be able to source some spare parts if you are lucky. I have chosen Love. Not fear. So, lets start with loving our body. Despite believing that we… Continue Reading “love your body”

How to Re-frame Cancer 1

None of us can choose what experiences Life brings across our path, but we can choose How we experience them. Suffering is optional. When I speak about suffering, I am meaning emotional or mental pain. Not physical pain. That is another story however managing… Continue Reading “How to Re-frame Cancer 1”