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Everything has changed…again

It is two years today, 16th December, since I posted the first blog. Two years of intense, almost unbelievable change. Not just personally, but also globally. When I set this blog up in December 2019, I had no idea that the world and life… Continue Reading “Everything has changed…again”

A call to love

This is the face of innocence. The face of bliss. A mind deeply connected with spirit and as yet, unprogrammed and undisturbed. This is the face of my grand-daughter, Wren. Once we were all like this. We came in, still deeply connected to spirit,… Continue Reading “A call to love”

Mind body spirit

I am not very interested in cancer. I guess you could think it is easy for me to say that when I experience very little discomfort or unwellness in my body from the cancer. Am I just fortunate, or is it because I don’t… Continue Reading “Mind body spirit”

me and mine

It is all about perspective. And belief. If I prepared a questionnaire, and then asked everyone I met if they would like to be able to face every experience life brought to them with calmness, peace and without their happiness being disturbed, I think… Continue Reading “me and mine”

Love yourself

I spent 4 days in hospital recently as a result of the physical symptoms I was experiencing (my first nights in hospital in 13 years of living with cancer – not bad going!). A CT scan (it was 16 months since my last), showed… Continue Reading “Love yourself”

Banging on about fear

At the risk of boring everyone by going over the same thing again and again, I am going to talk about fear. We have conned ourselves. We have conned ourselves into believing that fear is a normal state. I don’t believe it is. Actually,… Continue Reading “Banging on about fear”

Resist or surrender

In just a few short weeks, life has changed dramatically. My all important freedom has been severely curtailed. As of Wednesday, when I learned there were several cases of Covid-19 now in this city, I no longer go out into the community, and physical… Continue Reading “Resist or surrender”

lets get perspective

Yesterday I watched incredulously, scenes shared on media of brawls breaking out in supermarkets over toilet paper. Images of shelves in supermarkets empty of rice, pasta and other staples. Panic buying. And I asked myself in amazement “what is wrong with the world?” FEAR… Continue Reading “lets get perspective”

The Source of Happiness

Are you happy? What makes you happy? How does happiness feel? I am studying Meditation Teaching and Holistic Counselling, and this week, part of the assignment was to do a survey on happiness, and it has really got me contemplating. Everyone I surveyed when… Continue Reading “The Source of Happiness”

The Attachment to Life

Of all the main spiritual traditions, Buddhism probably focuses the most on attachment. Attachment is the central theme of the Four Noble Truths which lie at the heart of Buddhism. Life is imbued with difficulties and suffering The cause of suffering is attachment Freedom… Continue Reading “The Attachment to Life”