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Resist or surrender

In just a few short weeks, life has changed dramatically. My all important freedom has been severely curtailed. As of Wednesday, when I learned there were several cases of Covid-19 now in this city, I no longer go out into the community, and physical… Continue Reading “Resist or surrender”

Death is a touch of the soul

“Death is a touch of the Soul too strong for the body to ignore It is a call from Divinity which brooks no denial. It is the voice of the inner spiritual identity saying; return to your Source for a while and reflect upon… Continue Reading “Death is a touch of the soul”

lets get perspective

Yesterday I watched incredulously, scenes shared on media of brawls breaking out in supermarkets over toilet paper. Images of shelves in supermarkets empty of rice, pasta and other staples. Panic buying. And I asked myself in amazement “what is wrong with the world?” FEAR… Continue Reading “lets get perspective”

Get Real, Get Moving

Things are about to get Real. I’ts 3.50am and the power is out. There is an electrical storm raging in the distance, lightening flashing intermittently through my window. It is really windy and I can’t sleep. It is partly due to the wind –… Continue Reading “Get Real, Get Moving”

Byron Katie

Talking with a friend today about how to change their mindset about a certain situation, I directed her to the work of Byron Katie who I decided to write a blog about because I think her technique is the simplest and most direct way… Continue Reading “Byron Katie”

My Date with Death

In July 2018 I decided to take a month off from my usual life and sit with my dying. My foster daughter went to live with her brothers carer, and I took a month off from my job. My idea was to spend as… Continue Reading “My Date with Death”

A New Year, A New Decade

As I was mulling over the new year and thinking about the tradition of New Years resolutions, I decided that I was not going to make any resolutions this year, as traditionally I am full of enthusiasm for the first week then invariably forget… Continue Reading “A New Year, A New Decade”

Learning to let go..

This is an excerpt from my journal. Back about 6 years ago during the last year of Ian’s life. Sometimes it is hard for me to read these. The six years Ian and I were together was a period of intense and at times… Continue Reading “Learning to let go..”

The Dark Night of the Soul

When I met my partner Ian thirteen years ago, he had been diagnosed with Pancreatic and Liver cancer nine months previously, and had been told there was nothing that could be done and to come back for palliative chemotherapy when the pain got too… Continue Reading “The Dark Night of the Soul”

A Beginning

I have decided to begin sharing my experience of cancer in the hope that in some tiny way it can help to dispel the fear in our culture that surrounds this illness. As some of you are aware, I have lived with cancer for… Continue Reading “A Beginning”