Mind body spirit

I am not very interested in cancer.

I guess you could think it is easy for me to say that when I experience very little discomfort or unwellness in my body from the cancer. Am I just fortunate, or is it because I don’t invest cancer with any great significance? I am constantly told by health professionals I come into contact with that my appearance and wellness does not match my clinical notes. Is it luck, or can my mind and spirit really affect my body so much that it can also carry the cancer lightly?

I don’t know the answer. No-one knows for sure, but I can tell you this with complete confidence – cancer is nothing to my soul/spirit/higher self except an opportunity to learn and grow. Once I was able to bring my mind into alignment with that attitude, I believe my body followed suit.

I think we approach life backwards, and make things so much harder for ourselves than they need to be. We create unnecessary suffering because we start with the physical first and often go no further. This is perfectly understandable given we live in a physical world that seems like the only reality. Mind and spirit seem like abstraction and ethereal. But because of this, we leave the real power of creation and life untouched. It is like filling a bath a thimbleful of water at a time when we have a bucket (the mind) and taps attached to the water mains (the spirit) at our disposal.

The thimble requires a lot of effort to fill the bath, but it gets there in the end after a lot of extra effort. The bucket is more effective, but when you turn the taps on and the water just flows …… that is effortless. And this I believe is what it is like when you bring your mind, body and spirit into alignment – life just flows…. effortlessly.

What’s not to love about that?

This physical world is a delight. It is a playground for children and adults alike. We forget this. We come here and inhabit a body that enables us to play. We can touch, taste, smell, hear and see the world around us. We can create things and make things. There is so much to play with, so much potential to create, so much beauty. So much joy and love just waiting to be unearthed.

We have complete freedom of choice

But when we get here, we forget what we are.

And we forget to keep playing as we physically grow.

Instead, we believe we are a body, then a mind and lastly, if we ever get that far, a spirit.

It is in the wrong order.

Can you see why this is a problem?

Because the body is of the earth. It is a physical organism that is subject to the laws of nature. It must die. It is subject to illness and pain and annihilation. It is vulnerable.

The mind is a “body” on the mental plane of existence that is attached to the physical body. The physical body is its home. Without the physical body, the mind dies also, therefore it is very attached to the physical body remaining alive. This also makes it vulnerable…. and afraid. For itself and the body.

So here we have two aspects of our-self that are vulnerable, and one of them is also afraid. And because the mind is attached to the body, we feel the fear in the body as physical sensations, and that makes the fear seem real. Because of its deep existential fears, the mind is very alert to anything that threatens both its’ and the body’s survival. The un-managed mind is based in fear at a very deep level and is constantly on the lookout for attack..

Fear is not conducive to play.

We can look at young children who feel loved and safe in their environment before the collective human fear becomes programmed into their sub-conscious mind.

They are trusting, spontaneous, open, inquisitive, creative and exploring.

Most of us lose these attributes as we grow from young children into adults. Or at least they become much more subdued and subterranean. We absorb the collective human fear of not being enough, of being unworthy, unloveable and vulnerable, and quickly learn to shut our natural openness down in an attempt to keep ourselves safe.

We learn to play it safe.

We loose our sense of awe and wonder trying to be cool and sophisticated and create a persona (a mask) we present to the world in an attempt to appear strong. We forget that the physical world is a playground (sometimes we are even taught it is a battleground), because we are only operating on the level of body and mind, and from those levels, the world and our physical life look like something to be taken very seriously indeed. Particularly if you believe you are your mind and body and that these are finite and the only ones you get. To add insult to injury, most of us live in a culture where the physical rewards of life are much more highly regarded than the mental or spiritual. This is very obviously the case, when we see the majority of the population are willing to endure physical and mental discomfort and even suffering in the pursuit of material gain. Often thinking they have no choice.

There is the other aspect of our-self that is often overlooked.

Our spirit /soul/ higher self.

This aspect, if acknowledged at all, has often been subverted (its power and authority undermined) by religious dogma within the very institutions intended to support it. Religion has managed to give Spirit a bad name by attaching a multitude of rules and conditions to God’s love. In my experience all this does is limit the individuals capacity to fully live and therefore grow. Spirit is not separate from life. Spirit is life.

David Tacey in his book “The Spirituality Revolution” says “I appear to some people to be optimistic, given my conviction that we exist in a living connection with a spiritual reality, whether or not we notice it”. This is my conviction also. I believe we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and as such, are always in a living connection with a spiritual reality. Whether we notice it or not is another matter.

Real power lies in noticing it.

Our spirit is fearless and free. It knows it is unconditionally loved and is always safe. It has no fear of annihilation because it is eternal.

I know myself now as eternal spirit, having a mind and body for the purpose of living life on earth. This means that the order of importance for me is now reversed. Matters of spirit are most important, mind second, body last. This is not to say that I don’t look after my body – I do, because I value its worth as a vehicle for experiencing life on earth, but because I don’t identify with it as “me”, the fear around its survival has gone. I love life, I enjoy life, but I see this physical life as a tiny dot in forever. I have consciously chosen to bring my mind into alignment with my spirit by choosing beliefs that inspire and uplift me. Beliefs that enable the “fruits of the spirit” mentioned in the Christian Bible “love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control” to arise more and more. The only thing preventing us living out “the fruits of the Spirit” all of the time is our fear, and our focus on our physical reality.

Our spirit is always connected to Spirit/God Creator/Life, whatever your preferred name. Engaging with our spirit is embarking on a path that takes us out of fear and into love, because Spirit is love. It takes us from closed, fearful, anxious and stressed, back into trusting, open, spontaneous, creative, inquisitive and exploring. Life becomes happy and fun. We are no longer concerned by problems which are only temporary, but which when we are operating only out of mind and body, seem so all-consuming and important. We begin to conceive a bigger picture that is not primarily physically based, but spiritually based and impervious to time and destruction. We feel safe. And life begins to seem effortless. Everything seems to be working to benefit us because that is what we believe and that becomes our reality.

I didn’t consciously choose cancer. It appeared to choose me. I don’t believe in random meaningless events, so I believe cancer was always going to be a part of my life. What was my choice however, was how I was going to experience it.

Resist it or embrace it. Fear it or love it.

It was my choice.

I chose to embrace it and learn to love it. I do not regret this, it has been one of my greatest teachers. As my daughter-in-law said to me recently – cancer changed my life for the better. It was my impetus to push through fear and seek peace and joy.

Real, lasting peace and joy.

And the story hasn’t ended yet.

me and mine

It is all about perspective.

And belief.

If I prepared a questionnaire, and then asked everyone I met if they would like to be able to face every experience life brought to them with calmness, peace and without their happiness being disturbed, I think the majority of people would say “yes please”. Especially at the moment.

And yet,

Fear and anxiety is a world pandemic which is causing more suffering than COVID-19. The virus has just heightened it.

It is affecting many more people than just those who contract the virus.

The media is making sure of it. Reporting accidents and disasters with great relish from all around the globe. Diligently feeding us every negative economic and social event or prediction they hear of.

Feeding the fear.

The current state of the world has not been caused by COVID-19. The virus just lifted the lid on what was already there. The current state of the world is the result of the collective minds of humanity. We are reaping the results of a narrow focus of thought that has dominated and directed the thinking of humanity for a very long time. The advent of the industrial age and subsequent technology has allowed this thinking to increase exponentially and our potential for destruction just got greater and greater – very quickly, on a much bigger scale than ever before.

And here we are.

I call it the “Me and Mine” thinking.

The “Me and Mine” thinking sees itself as separate. There is little sense of the inter-connectedness of all things on this planet. This is the thinking that says I will look after Me, and Mine, and to hell with the rest. As long as I am comfortable. As long as I have enough. The problem is though, that this thinking never has enough. Not content with shelter, I need bigger shelter, and more stuff to fill it with. I need more money, because I need more stuff. I need more money because I am fearful, the future is uncertain, and I think money is going to make it more certain. If I am fortunate, or work hard enough, I manage to accumulate more money than I can spend on myself and mine (my family), so then I invest it so I can make more money on it. And I fear all the time that I might lose it. In the meantime, children are dying because of no food. But that doesn’t matter, because I am separate, and I only look after me and mine. Anything that doesn’t directly impact on Me and Mine, can easily be dismissed. Because I am separate, right?

This Me and Mine thinking destroys living forests that help humanity to breathe, and replaces them with dead brick or timber shelters that suck energy, and suppress the creative energy of the earth. (If that brick house wasn’t squatting on that piece of earth and stopping sunlight getting through, that same area if left alone, would produce life in the form of plants, which would support bird and animal life. I know its a bit radical, but I’m just saying…. Look how far away from living in harmony with nature we have come).

The Me and Mine thinking has created chemicals which temporarily fix a problem, make money, and cause long term negative consequences. But that is Ok because it is making Me and Mine more comfortable right now. Even if it is destroying the soil which we rely on for real food. Even if it is slowly poisoning the eco-system and humanity. (we can turn a blind eye to slow destruction or death, it is the potentially quick ones we have a problem with – like COVID-19 – then we panic).

The Me and Mine thinking allows individuals and corporations, especially corporations, to make decisions that are not for the good of the planet, humanity, cultures, and nature, but good for financial profits. Short term gain causing long term pain. But that is Ok, because we all know life is about making money and having more, and it isn’t impacting negatively on me and mine right now.

This “Me and Mine” thinking inspires selfishness, intolerance, power, greed, indifference, destruction of eco-systems, and collapse of communities. The Me and Mine” thinking is actually based in fear. It is driven by fear, and everything it creates is subject to fear. This thinking refuses to see the bigger picture, because “I am separate, and what I do doesn’t really impact on everything or everyone else”.

Well yes it does actually. And we have billions of people on the earth with the same thought system. Collectively, it impacts on everything and everyone.

And here we are.

The year 2020.

The thinking and creating of human minds has brought us here. We have all contributed.

Albert Einstein said

“The world as we have created it, is a process of our thinking.

It cannot be changed without changing our thinking”

We need to change our thinking. Collectively, but it starts with the individual. It starts with you and me.

We must STOP and contemplate the kind of world we want to live in, and then act as though we already live in it. I want to live in a kinder, more supportive community – then I must live NOW as a member of a kinder, more supportive community would live. As another great man said

“Be the change you want to see in the world”

Mahatma Gandhi

If I want to live in a kinder, more supportive community, then I must be kinder and more supportive – and not just to “mine”. The beauty of this is, that I then begin to attract people with the same “vibration” as me. I attract kinder, more supportive people, and it grows exponentially. You want to live in a more positive world? Then be more positive. Refuse to buy into anything that is contrary to what you desire. We are all enabling and perpetuating the negativity and fear and anxiety by not consciously choosing something different.

We all have a choice.

If you don’t like the status quo, if you don’t like feeling anxious and fearful, then CHANGE IT. Stop accepting this thinking as “the way it is”. Thirteen years ago I decided I’d had enough of fear and anxiety, and I changed my thinking. I have become freer and freer, and my mind is now naturally peaceful and calm 99% of the time. Everyone can achieve that state.

Stop waiting for the Government to legislate happiness, peace and selflessness, or that organisation to do it, or the schools to teach it, or the neighbours to be nicer before you smile at them and are kind. Start with your neighbour… do you even know them? Each of us must start now. Asking ourselves what sort of world we want to live in, and then consciously living it out. The world we live in now is the result of the majority of humanity unconsciously following instead of consciously thinking and consciously choosing.

I spent many years feeling there was nothing I could do, I was just one person, and not a rich one at that. But there are things we can do that have power. We can make conscious decisions that are for the good of the planet as well as ourselves. Buy organic and spray free food as much as possible. Grow our own, even just our salad greens. Support local growers. Start a group on facebook to exchange or give away homegrown fruit and vege. I see lemons falling off trees. Stop wasting and throwing out food. Source ethically produced clothes and other products. Stop using sprays. Lobby the local shires or councils to plant fruit trees in public places. Plant trees. Plant native plants in your garden for the birds and bees. We can encourage and inspire other people to do likewise. Support one child who is hungry. Support a struggling family in your neighbourhood. Say something positive to the checkout operator. Smile at people. Say hello to strangers.

But the greatest change that we can make for the good of humanity and the planet, is to change our mindset. DROP THE FEAR. Fear (and that includes anxiety) closes us down. Choose love instead. Love opens us up. In every instance, choose love. It is a win/win situation. Not only do we feel good, but so does everyone else we interact with. It is the ripple effect. It goes on, and on, and on.

Be an inspiration.

Stop choosing financial gain over humanity.

I am going to end with another quote from Albert Einstein.

“A human Being is a part of the whole called by us – the universe. A part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical illusion of his consciousness.

This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and affection for a few persons nearest to us.

Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in it’s beauty”


Forgiveness is an act of self-love.

A gift of healing we give to our-self.

The conditioned mind has a bit of a problem with forgiveness. As usual, it is a matter of perception.

The two most common statements we hear people make about the refusal to forgive, is that someone doesn’t deserve forgiveness or that they can’t forgive them for what they did. Let’s look at them separately.

They don’t deserve forgiveness….

I kind of covered this in my previous blog entitled “Everyone is doing their best”. If you think some-one doesn’t deserve forgiveness then consider the idea that in the moment that they committed the act you believe they don’t deserve forgiveness for – they were unable to act in any other way. This is not an excuse, and should never be used as such – it is a statement of fact. Even if they did or said something deliberately – they were acting out of a mind that believed it was a good idea at the time. A delusional mind – we all have one. Yes, we could look on it in horror and say but, but…. it was a terrible thing to do, and I could never in a million years consider doing such a thing. No, you couldn’t, because you haven’t walked in that persons shoes all your life. Your mind has not been shaped by the same experiences. Warped by the same wounds. Driven by the same pain. But if you had…. you may well have acted the same.

Sometimes we decide the person doesn’t deserve forgiveness because they don’t show remorse, they don’t apologise, or they refuse to admit their behaviour wasn’t OK. This is the result of an error in our own thinking. We are not understanding the purpose of forgiveness.

Forgiveness does not mean we condone the behaviour. It does not mean we stay with an abuser, or continue to hang around someone who doesn’t treat us well. It does not mean we don’t report them if it was a criminal act.

I can’t forgive them for what they did….

Sometimes it seems that what has happened is such a violation of you, that you feel you can never forgive. You don’t want to feel forgiveness, as though somehow, by hanging on to un-forgiveness, you are punishing them, Maybe this works for you if the person wants your forgiveness and by with-holding it you can exact revenge, but often the person we need to forgive is oblivious to how we feel. With both of the examples above, there is a serious flaw in the understanding of forgiveness.

Generally speaking, un-forgiveness hurts you more than them.

Lets look at why this is so.

I close my eyes and imagine un-forgiveness. I’ve experienced it. I know what it feels like, and it is in stark contrast to how I now feel all of the time.

Un-forgiveness feels like hardness, rigidity, rage, hate, resentment. It feels like tightness and constriction. It is closed and unyielding and like a rock in my stomach. It actually makes me feel a little sick because I don’t generally have feelings like this anymore, and when I do, they are so out of alignment with my energy I feel physically unwell. I can feel the impact of it on my muscles – particularly in my neck, shoulders and arms. It weakens my energy. When you live with un-forgiveness you are so used to how it feels that it no longer registers in your conscious mind.

Un-forgiveness generates a stress response in your body – this is what the body sensations are that you feel when you think about your un-forgiveness. When you think about the person and whatever they did. This stress response peaks when you consciously think of the person, but chances are, that stress response is always there at a lower level if you haven’t forgiven. The body is not designed to operate at its optimum for long periods of time in the stress response. It weakens the body’s resistance to disease.

Un-forgiveness keeps you tied on an energetic, emotional and mental level to the person you cannot forgive. Their actions still have power over you – hence the heightened stress response when you think of them. You may have removed from them physically, but as long as you don’t forgive, the energetic, emotional and mental ties still effectively bind you.

Un-forgiveness drags your past into your present and your future. Through your un-forgiveness the taint of their actions continues to spoil your life long after the act was over.

Un-forgiveness creates a space within you that is not open to the flow of life.

Un-forgiveness takes up space where love could be instead.

It takes energy to hold onto un-forgiveness. Energy that could be much better used enjoying your life.

By forgiving, you release yourself.

You reclaim your life.

Forgiveness is a radical Act Of Self-Love.

How do you know when you have forgiven? When you can think of them without any shift in energy in your body. There is no stress response. Then you can celebrate….. they no longer have any power over you. You have reclaimed your life.

When there has been significant trauma involved, especially if it was an act inflicted on you while you were a child that affected your beliefs and worldview at a very early age and you had no help to process it then, forgiveness is a step on the road to recovery, but it is not recovery. I would lovingly suggest that you seek professional help to work through the trauma. It is much easier to do it with someone holding space for you and providing you with new skills to understand and cope.

How do you forgive?

Indeed, how do you forgive?

There are many ways, and many books written on the subject by much smarter people than me. I can only tell you what worked for me, but you must choose a path to forgiveness that works for you.

I had cause to forgive someone for something they did to me when I was a very small child. This act caused me decades of anxiety and dysfunction and was a major cause of sub-conscious beliefs and a world-view that was very negative. When I became aware enough I made the decision that person would no longer have any power over my life. I sought an understanding of why they had done what they did. The person was no longer alive, so I researched psychology texts on the subject because I like to have an understanding of the human mind.

I sat with the belief mentioned in the previous blog .. Everybody does the best they can in every given moment.. This enabled compassion to arise.

I set the intention to forgive and reminded myself….I forgive, I forgive, I forgive. I Breathe and let go. I Breathe and let go. I Imagined forgiveness like a warm, soft, flow leaving me, going to them… and let go. Imagined the hard ball of un-forgiveness dissolving in love. I breathe and let go.

I absolutely understood that forgiveness was an act of self-love – I did it for me. I did it because I wanted to be free. I did it because I did not want my future to be more of my past. I did it because I wanted peace.

Forgiveness is an act of self-love.

Love yourself.

Set yourself free.

everyone is doing their best

Everyone is doing the best that they are able within the understanding and awareness they have in each moment.

Many years ago, I read similar words, and it made sense to me, so I decided to adopt it as a belief and see how it worked for me. When we understand that everyone is doing the best they are capable of, it helps us to let go of intolerance. It helps us to forgive others for what we perceived they did to us, and it helps us to forgive ourselves.

I am going to explain it in a little more depth, but first I want to say this. I have just realised that the main difference between me and most people I know, is that I consciously choose what I want to believe. I consciously choose beliefs that resonate with me, that encourage me to be kinder, more tolerant, peaceful, loving and joyful…. that make my life happy. At the same time, I am so open to letting go of sub-conscious beliefs that I have held for many years and no longer serve me, that life is constantly bringing me experiences to show me what they are so with awareness, I can acknowledge them and send them on their way with love. They no longer have any power over me. I do this all the time. It has been the underlying driving force in my life since 2007. This is why, at the age of 53, I sit, in the presence of my own imminent death, in love and joy and peace. No anxiety or stress.

Back to the statement that everyone is doing their best in every given moment. Once again, I am going to bang on about the mind. I will continue to beat this drum over and over and over again. Why? Because the mind is the cause of ALL our suffering. Most people think it is life that is the cause of our suffering. It is not. It is our own mind.

None of us are in our right mind. The only right mind is the Mind of God/Creator/The Divine. This is the only Mind that sees things as they really are, that clearly sees the bigger picture… the Much Bigger, Eternal Picture. We have access to (a tiny part) of this Mind through our Spirit, our Higher Self (there are so many different names) through inspiration, awareness, revelation (aha moments), and through choosing to focus our attention on things that grow our connection with our Spirit.

The human mind has several parts. For the purposes of this blog post, I will focus mainly on two. The sub-conscious mind and the conscious mind. The sub-conscious mind is, (on the negative side), unaware, delusional, afraid (driven by survival), often juvenile and deeply conditioned. It runs automatically on programs, responding to prompts without rational thought. I have seen figures thrown around by experts who believe that most people operate from the sub-conscious mind around 90% of the time. This is clearly not good news for the individual or humanity as a whole. What we want to do is increase our awareness so we are operating more of the time out of the conscious mind. The conscious human mind is capable of rational, intelligent thought. It can accept new ideas quickly, adjust, plan, apply logic and reason and make informed decisions. It is still very subject to bias, perception, the beliefs of the sub-conscious mind and capable of delusion, but it is a step up in awareness from the sub-conscious mind. The ideal is to be operating out of what Carl Jung called the Super Conscious Mind – or the Mind of God. It is something to aim for…

The sub-conscious mind is not bad. It is incredibly important and very clever at what it does, but the major problem arises when we live in such a way that most of our time is spent in our sub-conscious mind. We don’t live in the present. We are just re-creating our past. Our awareness isn’t great. We live life according to beliefs that were created when we were children. This is clearly obvious when a belief that is based in pain is triggered, then we act like children, reverting back instantly to the age we were when that belief was created and losing the ability to use the rational intelligent thinking associated with our conscious mind.

All of us have had a trigger triggered (sorry, I really can’t think of a better word), at some point and “lost it”. I am talking about a time when someone said or did something and you reacted. The rage, hurt, offense, shame, guilt, victim-hood, aggression, whatever the feeling was, arose instantly and you either shut down, attacked or defended yourself. The retaliatory words flew out of your mouth before you could even think, or you went straight into being deeply offended, or you just wanted to crawl under a rock and hide because you felt so deeply ashamed. You reacted.

Many, many people, in fact I would go so far as to say most people, have no idea that they have been triggered and are now not operating out of their conscious mind. They believe that whatever it was that happened outside of themselves… the event, the action or words of another, is the cause of them feeling like this.

My Friend, it isn’t.

It is your own mind.

When I understood that other people could hear the same words I had heard, experience the same event I had experienced…. AND NOT REACT……. I realised that the problem, AND THE SOLUTION, were in my own mind.

This is really powerful….. it means that when you learn how to manage your own mind, you won’t feel all those negative emotions that you thought things outside of yourself were causing. You have stopped being a victim of life.

It seems like I have got off-track, but it ties in. Everyone, in every moment is doing the best they are capable of IN that moment..

Do you see what I mean?

We can only operate out of the awareness and understanding that we have in each individual moment. It is impossible for us, in that moment to be any different… otherwise we would…. who doesn’t want to make the most intelligent, rational, inspired, perfect choice in every moment if they knew what it was and the benefits it would bring.

When we have been triggered and are operating from our sub-conscious mind, then we have very little awareness and intelligent understanding at all. We are operating out of emotion without conscious awareness, and that has been proven time and time again to not end well.

Yesterday a friend shared a post on facebook of people in the UK protesting in a rally against wearing face masks. I didn’t read the full account because my initial reaction was annoyance. I thought, well that is absolutely ridiculous, they need to get over themselves, think about others, stop being selfish etc. I fully understand that for most people, COVID-19 doesn’t cause much of a problem. But for some people it does, and because it seems to be super contagious, the main problem is the ability of Health Care Systems to cope with more people than usual requiring ICU and Ventilators. Simple really. In an evolved culture, people look after each other and don’t act in ways that put other people, particularly the vulnerable ones, in danger. There is also the annoyance of knowing that these people who refuse to wear face masks and who get a severe case of COVID-19 are going to be up at the hospital wanting ICU care and a ventilator if necessary.

But the point I am trying to make is this. If those people were capable in their minds of having the awareness and understanding which allows the majority of the population to quietly don face masks and get on with life as it is at the moment, then they would be doing just that… quietly donning face masks. But they aren’t, because something in their mind is telling them that their personal rights, or whatever it is that they feel is being violated by wearing a face mask, is more important than wearing a face mask. And they are believing what their mind is telling them. They are believing what they are feeling. It is what we all do. Sometimes the results are disastrous.

They are doing the best with the understanding and awareness they have right this moment. There is no point in being angry and blaming, that just upsets our peace, and adds to the intolerance and unrest that is gathering momentum in the world at the moment. They cannot and will not change until they can. Anger and berating just produce resistance. Fines might do the trick …or not. Calm and reasoned presentation of an alternative view might do the trick… or not.

We have all been, and all are, hostage to our mind.

To create a better world, we all need to begin to question our own minds. Stop blindly believing our thoughts. Open ourselves to other points of view, challenge our thinking. We all tend to surround ourselves with people that have similar beliefs and views as us because it is comfortable and it reinforces our own “rightness”. Because our views and beliefs seem so right to us, it is then easy to label those who believe differently as ignorant, misguided and misled. The results of this thinking is separation, intolerance, discrimination and a multitude of other attitudes that are the opposite of harmony.

Life is so much better lived in harmony. Life is so much better lived in love and joy and peace and tolerance. Life is so much better when we live with openness.

But that is my opinion.

It has become my truth.

You don’t need to believe me.

Sit with the thought that everyone is doing the best they are able in every given moment and see if it works for you.

Or not.

Life is beautiful

Life is Beautiful.

It is also full of paradox.

In accepting death, we learn how to truly live.

In accepting our faults and vulnerabilities we become truly strong.

In letting go, we gain more.

In slowing down, and aligning with the flow of Life, we achieve more – effortlessly.

The more we give, the more we receive.

The more we understand, the more we realise we don’t know.

There are many. many seeming paradoxes to Life. It’s because humanity has, in the main, been blundering through Life with a particular mindset that is rather askew.

This mindset says that there is not enough for everyone. It says that WE are not enough. It says we have to fight and struggle for what we want. It says to hang onto what we get, and keep it for ourselves. It says that each person is an island, alone, disconnected. It says that fast is better than slow. It says that nature is here to be exploited by mankind. It says that the Physical reality is more real than the Spiritual Reality. It says that we are sinful and weak and not worthy. It says that power lies in force. It says that violence achieves useful results. It says that how many assets you accummulate is an indication of success. It encourages competition, while espousing co-operation. It pays people who simply entertain us, more than people who save lives and serve humanity. It says fear, anxiety and stress are a normal part of life.

I could go on.

I bought into these beliefs to varying degrees for forty years. Until my life crashed in a heap, and nothing made sense. Nothing I had learned could sustain me.

Some-one once said “the biggest cult of all is our culture”. It is good to contemplate this. Because it is – we unconsciously absorb the beliefs of our culture then live them out, until something happens to break us out of the stupor and causes us to question.

Life is actually beautiful.

But whether you experience it that way or not, depends on your mindset. The world reflects ourselves back to us. Everything is energy. Including us. Including our thoughts. Including the beliefs we hold.

All the great Spiritual traditions speak of Reaping what we Sow, Karma – whatever name it is called by. This concept has often been presented as a warning or a judgment. That is not the spirit or the energy of it. It is like a universal program – a formula – it is entirely predictable. Enter data in…. receive data out. According to the program. And yet, humanity is so busy, head down, doing, doing, doing, following its erroneous belief systems, It can’t see the bigger picture.

What I am saying is clearly a huge simplification of an incredible Creation which is beyond the understanding of our human minds. But even this simple understanding has the power to transform your life – for the better. Beyond your wildest dreams.

It may not seem this way, but we are fortunate to be here in human body. Right here, Right now. There is no mistake. You and I are meant to be here. These are exciting times, the potential for a massive shift in human consciousness. But these appear to be increasingly perilous times. Especially this year. It seems as though “all hell has broken loose”. Globally. The scab on the wound of humanity seems somehow to have been ripped off, and all the fear, discrimination, violence, suppression, abuse of power, corruption etc is oozing out like pus from a putrefying sore.

It is.

And as, in an individual human body, the wound must be opened to the light to be cleaned and healed, so must the wounds on the body of humanity.

I know that many Christians are saying it is the “last times” that were prophesied in the Bible. I don’t see it that way. I see this chaos and mayhem, the laying open of the global wounds as the possible saving of humanity. We couldn’t carry on like we were. The earth itself will not be able to sustain humanity for too much longer if we continue the way we are.

But many people are waking up. The esoteric (deeper, hidden truths) of Creation and Life are being re-discovered. Are readily available. The veil between the Spiritual and the physical world is thinner… great spiritual truths are coming through constantly via many different people. Science, particularly Quantum Physics, is beginning to prove what Sages and Masters have known for centuries.

Humanity is not alone in this. There are spiritual powers working unseen for our good. But we have free will. And at the base of everything. Permeating everything. Being everything. Is an unconditionally loving Creator. Don’t let us forget this.

Life is beautiful.

Life is not random. We are not helpless victims of Life (although that becomes our reality because we believe it). We are not just frail little human bodies and minds, meaninglessly subject to disease and circumstance. Blown in the wind of Life. We are not that. But when our centre of consciousness is in our physical reality only, it seems to be true, and we live out of that paradigm, sending the energy of that belief out – and that is what we receive back.

Our perceptions, create our reality, which reinforce our perceptions (because we get back what we send out), which reinforces our reality. And on and on it goes in a circle. And it becomes our experience and therefore our truth.

Life is beautiful. Life happens For us, not To us. Life supports, always, always supports our growth. Life holds us in love. Life gives us what we ask of it – the problem is, most of the time we don’t even know what we are asking for. (Look at your life – if there is something you are seeking, but you are not receiving it, then begin to know yourself. Chances are you have a sub-conscious belief system at variance with what you desire that has a greater energetic charge than your conscious desire). We have forgotten that we are energy. We have forgotten how to direct our energy. We have forgotten the greatest source of energy. We have forgotten the unconditional Love of our Creator. We have forgotten, forgotten, forgotten.

Let us seek to remember. Re-member. Put back together what we really are. What is already there.

Life is truly beautiful. Away from the clamour and noise of the human mind that has forgotten, everything is peace and love and joy. Awe, gratitude, wonder, peace, joy and love become the only response possible.

What you send out comes back exponentially. More love, more joy, more peace, more awe, more wonder, more gratitude. It becomes the default setting. Effortless.

Life is beautiful.

Life is truly beautiful.

Choose to see it that way.

we are creators

We have forgotten what we are.

Genesis 1:27 “So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him, male and female he created them”.

I may not identify as Christian, because my understanding of Jesus, God and the Bible don’t align with what most Christian churches teach today, (reading Marcus Borg’s book “The Heart of Christianity”is now making me think perhaps there is a place within Christianity where I could fit), but I studied the Bible for the first 40 years of my life. It is a sacred text, with many great spiritual truths in it, and because I live in a predominantly Christian country, which tends to regard the Bible as the only sacred text worth reading, I often like to refer the lessons Life has taught me into Christian language. There is a still a mistrust in many people towards Eastern Spirituality which I think is a great shame. There are many sacred texts and deep wisdom to be found there, and many of the great Eastern spiritual traditions provide a more practical framework than Christianity does, on how to incorporate this spiritual wisdom into everyday life.

I believe that God is universal. I do not believe that God is available specifically to people of one religion or another and not to others. This belief about Gods availability has been the cause of separation, intolerance, judgment, discrimination, anger, domination, superiority and wars. Whilst God cannot be blamed for mankind’s interpretation of God’s Will, if the results of a belief about God’s Will are the direct opposite of Love, then one has to wonder on a purely logical level alone, if perhaps the belief requires deeper contemplation with an open heart.

To get back to the topic of this blog post.

We Are Creators.

Like most verses in the Bible, the above verse is open to many different interpretations within the limited scope of the human mind to comprehend Spiritual matters, but my personal favourite interpretation of this verse is that God created mankind as Creators – like God is'(but to a lesser degree – clearly).

Even though the evidence of our ability to create is all around us – in the many physical products designed and then built by mankind and the manipulation of nature for our own comfort, this knowing of ourselves as creators has not been extended to every aspect of our life with conscious awareness.

Most of humanity has limited themselves severely.

We create our lifestyle – this is obvious when we think about it. However, we have allowed even that creation to be limited by the prevailing social and economic beliefs of the cultures we live in. We unconsciously adopt these beliefs, and they become ours, providing the parameters of mind within which we operate. The parameters of mind that limit us.

Most people have heard the awful story of the elephant who was chained by the foot to a post in the ground when it was young and kept there. When it was older and bigger, and much much stronger, the same chain and post kept it trapped there even though physically the elephant could now simply pull it out and walk away. It was trapped within the limits of that chain, because it had the belief it was. It still believed in the experience of the past, when it was little and powerless and the chain was stronger, and it remained trapped – by its belief.

Most humans are like this. Unconsciously living within the confines of limiting beliefs that keep them stuck. There are some exceptions of course – the people who do amazing things that seem to defy the limits of what was thought humanly possible. They do this, because somehow, they have broken the stranglehold of limiting beliefs, reached for the stars then had the will to take action and follow their dream.

Most of us, at one time or another, have awoken to the possibility of something different – a different choice perhaps – a standing up for ourselves – a step outside our personal box. We have often approached the change with caution, thinking our world might collapse, people might hate us, things might go frightfully awry, only to discover that the opposite is true, everything falls into place, things change for the better, and we look around wondering why the heck we put up with the status quo for so long before we made a move.

We put up for so long because of our sub-conscious limiting beliefs that told us safety lay within the known, and anything outside of the limits was unknown, scary and potentially a danger. Unless our desire for change arises from inspiration with its accompanying positive energy, (or total desperation), the feelings of fear and anxiety of stepping outside our comfort zone often overwhelm us and we sink back into the stupor of the known.

We Are Creators.

We have an enormous, untapped, personal potential for creating. And most of us barely scratch the surface.

In the country I live in, it is possible for the individual to feel they have a measure of control over their life. They can make choices. We are fortunate. But despite this freedom, depression, suicide, stress, anxiety, domestic violence, general violence and chronic illness are all on the rise. Dramatically on the rise.

A fundamental problem, I believe, is that we have all been mis-directed into using our creative abilities on the physical world. Our external world. We don’t use our creative abilities internally, within our mind. The focus is outward. This only brings a temporary happiness.

We Are Creators. While we cannot control a lot of what goes on outside of ourselves – Life still sends us (or seems to) accidents, death, job losses, wars, unpleasant people, unemployment, illness etc. We can use our creative abilities to manage how we experience life.

For some reason, this is a very under-rated ability. We Can Use Our Creative Abilities To Manage How We Experience Life.

This is really, really powerful. One of the most life-changing concepts you will come across. It has the power to literally transform your life. Not just your mental and emotional life, but it on-flows to your physical life also.

Imagine you and your neighbour experience the death of a partner. The light goes out of her life. She struggles to accept and adjust. He was too young, it isn’t fair, I’m alone, I’m frightened -she sinks into grief and despair, and ultimately ends up on anti-depressants. She shuts down through fear and sorrow. You, on the other hand have consciously chosen to use your creativity within your mind. You have chosen to adopt beliefs about life and death that sustain you. You believe that everything unfolds perfectly in Divine order, in Divine timing. You trust that you live in a universe that supports you. You open your heart to the outpouring of love and support from friends and family, you believe you are all Eternal Souls, that death is not the end, but a transition. You open your heart to finding love and peace and joy, because you aren’t trapped in negative beliefs about life and death. Can you imagine how different your experiences of a similar event are going to be?

This is just a tiny example of the power of perception and it’s affects on our life. We all perceive the world in a particular way, based on our conditioned mind, mostly we do this unconsciously, and believe that our perceptions are real – they are to us. But we can change them, and change our life for the better in the process.

We Are Creators.

We are not victims of life, except within our own mind. We are Eternal Spirit having a human experience.

We have the ability to change our mind.

And when we bring our Soul into the equation and seek to align our minds and bodies with the Eternal aspect of ourselves – Ah… then, we’ve brought in the big guns, and our life will improve beyond our wildest dreams.

You don’t have to believe me. I have lived the victim-hood role. Now I am living the conscious creator role. I am happy to report that the latter is incomparably better. This has been my life journey and it is very real to me. You have your own path and your own choices, but please, please, open your mind and heart to greater possibilities – open your mind and heart to you as a creator: empowered, inspired and inspirational.

This is what we are. It is just our limiting sub-conscious beliefs that convince us otherwise.

Free yourself and fly.

the Art of Surrender

Instead of the word Surrender, I could use Acceptance – they are inter-changeable in this instance. However it amuses me to use the word Surrender, because the very word used to bring up so much resistance within me. It was one of the Life Lessons I took the longest to learn.

I didn’t like the idea of surrender.

In fact I hated it. Because I didn’t really understand what it meant.

It seemed to me that surrender was giving up. I felt that if I surrendered, I would be a helpless victim. Tossed about by life. That if I surrendered to whatever was happening – the worst would happen. Ironically, it is actually when we don’t surrender that we feel this way. I clung to the illusion of control for as long as I could.

Surrender is easy when there is trust.

It is incredibly difficult to achieve if we have negative beliefs about life and the nature of Creator and Creation. Understandably so. This is why I always say, work on your beliefs, discover what sub-conscious programs are controlling you, understand what your worldview is, and re-program yourself with new beliefs that serve you well.

Last week I had to surrender deeply into dying. Perhaps the ultimate surrender of all.

I have believed a story about myself for the last 13 years – the story is this… that the cancer was a gift to help me grow and learn. It has certainly done that. I also believed that the cancer would continue to develop until I reached a certain point where I was ready to begin really sharing in earnest what I have learned, and then my body would begin to heal. Shades of Anita Moorjani, in her book Dying to be Me. If you haven’t read it, I strongly recommend you do. It will change your ideas about life and death.

In the last few months, I have reached clarity about what I would be sharing; what my life will be dedicated to if I live, and I can see why it has taken me so long to get to this point. But that is another story. I feel I am at the point of stepping out in a bolder way, my body appears to be responding favourably to the Chinese Medicine herbs I am taking – some of the more obvious tumours are reducing, and then WHAM, I am hit with challenging physical symptoms and the news that the Doctors believe I will die quite soon.

I admit, I was puzzled. It seemed like the timing was off. Here I was, at the exact point where, for 13 years I had believed my body would begin to heal – and the opposite appeared to be happening. For the first time in 13 years of living with cancer, I was in hospital, and the cancer was impacting hugely on my quality of life.

I realised I had to drop my story. I had to drop the story that had sustained me and given me meaning for 13 years.

I had to surrender into dying.

So I did,

I let go of my story, accepting the physical reality of the CT scan results.

I surrendered, deeply, to dying.

I find it difficult to explain in words, exactly what I did when I surrendered to dying. I am going to try to use words to describe it. They may be inadequate. If they are, I apologise. It may be difficult for those who haven’t meditated to understand what I mean when I talk about sinking deeper and deeper into Being.

I close my eyes, and breathing slowly, rhythmically, go deeper, deeper into my Being, I completely accept the reality of the scans. Completely accept there is a life-threatening tumour encroaching on my heart. Letting go of any resistance. It Is What It is. Feeling the perfection of Divine Timing. Sinking deeper and deeper.. Understanding that everything is unfolding perfectly… sinking deeper and deeper… and then, surrendering to dying. Sinking deeper and deeper…. letting go of any resistance to dying, knowing that if my Soul has finished its learning, its time to go Home… sinking deeper and deeper… the timing is perfect….. sinking deeper and deeper….. knowing everything is unfolding perfectly….. sinking deeper and deeper.

My mind is mostly silent. The chatter is stilled as I sink deeper and deeper into simply Being. There is only peace and love and joy, warmth and silence.

I go in and out of this state for most of an afternoon. Surrendering to dying. Until I reach complete acceptance and know that dying is just as perfect as healing and living. Peace reigns.

The next evening, my heart is playing up, and I tell my sister who is staying with me that I may have to go back to hospital, that I am waiting for that moment when I know I need to go. I sit, without anxiety, in complete calmness.. waiting. My heart jumps and lurches, thumps and races, reacting perhaps to the pressure of the tumour. It struggles to maintain equilibrium. I sit… and wait. I talk to my Soul, I say, “Let’s do this, take the next step and let me see what happens”. Will I die, and go Home? Will I do what Anita Moorjani did? … she went into a coma, her organs shutting down, left her body and went Home, only to be told to go back, its not her time, she has wisdom to share. She said “I’m not going back to that body” and was told that she would heal. She returned, and three weeks later, her body was cancer free. Now she shares the wisdom, inspiring and uplifting thousands of people.

I sit and wait. Eventually, my heart settles, the crisis is past. I sit in gratitude, thankful for this experience that has shown me I have surrendered to death. No anxiety, no fear – just calm acceptance.

My family, when I had told them that I needed to surrender to dying, were concerned it meant I had given up on life and was wanting to die. This is not what surrender is. It is not giving up. My surrendering to dying meant completely accepting death as an equally acceptable option as healing and living. This put me in a place of total peace. No fear. And from this fearless, peaceful state, I can live in the present. Enjoying my life and the many gifts each day brings. I can focus on sharing what I have learned. I don’t worry about the future.. it’s going to unfold exactly as its meant to. I know I can trust that completely.

Never under-estimate the power of surrender. The power of Acceptance of What Is.

When we live life in a state of Acceptance of What Is, stopping our fight against reality, dropping our judgments that it “shouldn’t be this way”, “this is bad”, “Its not fair”…. then we function in a much calmer and more balanced way. We are able to make clearer decisions because our minds aren’t clouded by emotional turmoil. We aren’t stuck in victim-hood. We don’t feel dis-empowered. We are in a much better position to make rational changes if that is possible. If change isn’t possible, we relax, peacefully accepting reality and trusting that everything is perfect. Surrender isn’t passivity and resignation. It is alert, relaxed awareness.

I find this a much more joyful, peaceful, loving way to live than fighting against reality and being worried and anxious, wasting energy trying to control the uncontrollable – Life.

So, how to learn to surrender? Accept What Is. Don’t fight it, don’t resist it. When you fight and resist, you close yourself off. The best way I can describe it, is that on an energetic level, you have wrapped your arms around yourself, drawn your knees up and tucked your head down. You are in a closed, defensive position, and you have stopped the flow of Life through you. Now you are relying on the energy your body can generate from stress hormones. You are going to wear yourself out, because that energy is finite. Your mind is anxious, closed, returning again and again to whatever the perceived problem is. Now you are in a closed circuit, your energy is looping, looping. Because you are closed down, it is hard for clarity, a change in perception, inspiration, opportunity to find a way in.

Breathe and relax. Breathe and relax. You have a choice…. you can either trust Life or not. You can choose to believe that Life happens TO you (unfortunately, our default choice), or you can choose to believe that life happens FOR you. The first choice makes you feel like a victim, because life often doesn’t go to plan. The second makes you feel empowered, because you know you can use everything to learn and grow and become stronger and happier.

Speak reassuringly to your mind – just like you would to someone else who is anxious. Breathe and relax. Reassure your mind that it is safe to accept, safe to be open, safe to relax. And Breathe and relax. If you do this consistently, it re-programs your mind to think in a more positive, uplifting way. Who wouldn’t want that?

Living in a state of Surrender or Acceptance is remaining completely open – all the time. It brings enormous rewards, both physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Life is Good.

EnJoy It.

Know Yourself

I guess you could say that at the age of forty, when life as I knew it feel apart, I experienced a deep existential crisis. Possibly one of the greatest gifts Life could have sent me at the time. It didn’t feel that way then.

I realised I had created a story about myself that was falling apart at the seams. When all the structure around my life fell away, I was left with nothing but myself – and I was confronted with a stranger.

I had no idea who “Rebecca” was. Somewhere along the way, I had lost myself.

Among many other disconcerting and at times distressing realisations about who and what I was, it became clear to me that I was driven by a deep need to please people. I needed to be agreeable, liked, approved, and inoffensive. I was highly alert to the feelings and energy of other people – it was my survival technique. I was exceptionally good at reading people, and in my early teens, recognising this skill, I knew I would need to use it with as much integrity as I could otherwise I would descend into manipulating people for my own ends. I was doing that anyway, by pleasing people so that I would be approved of, but it was in the main, only destructive to myself. Thank God for that tiny insight at a young age.

As all the beliefs I had previously held about myself, life, death and God began to crumble, I was in a wasteland of terror and uncertainty. Most of us human beings like to keep our lives ordered and relatively predictable. This helps to ease the deep seated fear of the ego mind that it isn’t in complete control of life. We tend to live our lives unconsciously, based on our past, thinking about and working towards a future. Not being present. Doing the same things, repeating the same behaviours, only moderating our beliefs slightly if needed. It seems that few people actively question the beliefs that have been instilled in them by their culture . Most people live, seemingly unaware that their mind has been conditioned by their environment and their perceptions as a child, and that most of their reactions, and often their actions are a result of this conditioning. I was no different. In fact I was probably more conditioned than most, and had for the most part blindly believed and trusted what I was told.

To know yourself is to liberate yourself.

It is true freedom.

Knowing yourself walks hand in hand with loving yourself. If they can walk together, the journey is gentler because the journey inwards requires courage. It requires stamina, willingness, openness, humility and forgiveness. It can sound daunting, but everything you need will be supplied along the way if you just show up; Open, without judgment, trusting that everything is unfolding perfectly, supporting you in your quest. Because it is. I know this because I’ve walked my own path inwards. I Still am.

At this point, you may be thinking it sounds uncomfortable, why would you want to do this?

Because it will transform your life in ways you couldn’t imagine. It will bring you peace, and love, and joy. Happiness, resilience, patience, wisdom and strength. It will make you strong and clear. You will navigate life with increasing ease. You will be free from the past. No longer reactive, a helpless victim to subconscious belief systems that seem to want to sabotage your life.

Most people don’t seem to have even a basic understanding of the mind – because we aren’t taught about it. Less understanding of the mind-body connection, and even less understanding of the mind-body-spirit connection. We are taught in our schools to focus on that which is outside of ourselves. We are taught to use our mind to think in an intellectual way. We are taught how to function in the culture we live in, and in particular, how to contribute to its economics in a positive way. And yet…..we ARE a Spirit, we INHABIT a body, and HAVE a mind, and most of us go through life having no idea what this means, or how to manage these aspects of ourselves in order to extract the most JUICE out of being alive.

Know Thyself.

Who are you? What are you? Are your beliefs about who and what you are, positive? Do they enable you to wake up each morning with a sense of excitement about what life will bring today? By the end of each day, do you feel awe at the wonderful synchronicity, insights, beauty and love you experienced throughout the day? Do your beliefs about yourself enable you to face life with confidence and ease? Do your beliefs about who and what you are, result in an overflowing of love, goodwill, tolerance and acceptance towards other people? Do your beliefs about yourself allow you to enter so deeply into the flow of life, that abundance and love and joy and peace are the main components of your life?

If your answer is no to any or all of these questions, then what you are believing about yourself is wrong. And it is completely within your power to change it so your answers to the questions can become a resounding YES.

At this point, you may be wondering what I am on. (Too much morphine perhaps?). This is not what we have been taught. This is not a perception of life or ourselves that organically arises through living in our culture. I believe there are many, many, fundamental errors in thinking that are so deeply embedded in our culture that we don’t even question them. Often we aren’t even aware of them.

There is one in particular that I want to mention here, because I believe it is at the base of so many of our problems both personally and culturally, and it ties in with knowing yourself.

It is the deep-seated belief that as human beings, we are intrinsically bad. Not good enough. Sinful.

I believe the opposite is true. We Are Eternal Spirit, We Inhabit a Body, We Have a Mind. Every single one of us. All of the time. At our core, beneath the conditioned mind, the ignorance, the bias, the fear; We Are Good. The challenge in each lifetime is to know ourselves as that, seeking beyond the outer layers of damaged mind to reconnect with the Goodness within.

Know Thyself.

Before you write me off as some fluffy, New Age Pollyanna out of touch with reality, I want to share something with you. Three years ago, I was a participant in a program in the local men’s prison. I spent one day a week for seven weeks (I did the program five times), inside the men’s prison, sitting in a room with four other visitors and fourteen inmates. This program was a voluntary program both for those who came into the prison and the prison residents who participated. It was a program that brought together perpetrators of crime and victims of crime. Not THE perpetrator with THE victim, but general perpetrators and victims of crime. The program provided a space where victims of crime shared their story, and the impact of that crime on their life. The perpetrators also, had the opportunity to tell their story. The purpose of the program was that a deeper understanding within the perpetrators of the on-going consequences of their actions on the victim would perhaps touch a part of them that would help them on a path to rehabilitation. For the victims, the opportunity was to use their trauma for good, a healing perhaps; an opportunity to be heard.

It is up there as one of the most initially terrifying and life-changing experiences of my life. I sat with drug addicts, men who had murdered, raped, committed horrible acts of violence. Men who had been in and out of prison all their lives, men with unhealthy sexual preferences, men who had cheated, lied, stolen, abused, violated, threatened, hurt other people and hurt their communities.

Without exception, they listened with deep respect to my story. They sat, so deeply suffering themselves, and listened as I shared with them my vulnerability, the fear and shame and pain that I had experienced; my difficult road to recovery. And these men, these men, who had been condemned, dismissed and banished, held me so tenderly in love and respect that on one of the sessions after telling my story, another visitor, an elderly man, wiped tears from his eyes and said “the love, that is in this room for you Rebecca, can be felt”.

No-one will ever convince me, that we all, as Eternal Spirits, inhabiting a body, having a mind, are not intrinsically Good.


Those seventy or more men I met in the prison all had a story to tell. Many of their stories were heartbreaking. Gut-wrenching stories of trauma, abuse, abandonment, violence, addiction and loss. And yes, we can say – “we all have a choice” but sometimes there is no understanding of another way, another choice. Sometimes, there is simply survival, the only way you know how. We cannot change until we can. I cannot say, after listening to those men’s stories, that if I had experienced their childhood, had their conditioned thought patterns, lived their life, that I would have acted any differently. I cannot say that. Those men taught me not to judge. They helped me to heal. They taught me to see beyond the outward appearance. Namaste… I see God in you.

This is not to deny that there are some people – a very few, who seem to be so devoid of feeling that they are capable of committing horrific acts against their fellow humans without remorse. This is not to deny the evil and ugliness that humans inflict on each other, the animal kingdom and nature.

Hurt people, hurt people.

And this is why we need to know ourselves. When we are hurt (and we all are), it is from those wounds that we hurt others and ourselves. When we are hurt, we don’t live our most joyful, peaceful loving life.

We all hurt because we have negative sub-conscious beliefs that tell us we aren’t good enough. We have negative sub-conscious beliefs that tell us that people will hurt us and we need to protect ourselves, put on a mask, hide our vulnerabilities. We all hurt because we have been taught that the world is a place of survival, a place of competition, a place of having to be better, the best, have the most, in order to be successful. We all hurt because at some point, we didn’t feel loved or accepted and it cut deep because we believed it. We all hurt because we don’t feel whole.

So we project these hidden hurts on others, or ourselves. Through racism, violence, control, manipulation, self serving, conditional loving, intolerance, competition, punishment, self-sabotage and judgment. And in the process we hurt ourselves, because what we project out, is the world we see reflected back, and the hurt grows.

Know Yourself and stop the cycle of hurt.

So how to begin?

The same way as I mentioned in my previous blog on loving yourself. The same techniques, will help you to know yourself.

Set the intention to know yourself. Journal, Meditate, Observe yourself. Look at every experience as an opportunity to grow, and that is how you will experience it. Don’t blame anyone or anything. Reflect on the idea of yourself as Eternal Spirit. Begin to trust and reconnect with that part of you. Begin to talk to that “Higher self”, and it will become real.

As a little exercise, sit quietly, close your eyes, and say “At my core, I am wise, powerful, loving Eternal Spirit. I am Worthy, Unconditionally Loved, Completely Accepted. This who I am”. Repeat it several times with meaning, Slowly. Savour it. Feel it. Luxuriate in its truth. Notice how you feel. Good right?

Now, if you want to ruin the lovely feeling, tell yourself “I am stupid and weak and pathetic. I stuff up all the time, my life sucks and I’m scared I am unloveable and not good enough”. Repeat it several times with meaning. Slowly. Savour it. Notice how you feel. Not so good, right?

Repeat the first part of the exercise so you end on a pleasant note. Why, oh why, on a purely practical level, don’t we all chose to believe and re-affirm over and over to ourselves that we are “wise, powerful, loving Eternal Spirit. who are worthy, unconditionally loved and completely accepted”???? When we believe this, we begin to act in ways that are in alignment with this belief. When we believe in other lesser, negative things about ourselves, we act in ways that are in alignment with that. SIMPLE. Its that simple.

Try it for a week. Everyday, as many times a day as you remember. Remind yourself of what you really are. It is the beginning of removing negative programs and replacing with positive ones.

It will change your life for the better, and it will help change the world for the better because one more person living and loving life joyfully and peacefully affects others around them. It makes a difference for good.

A wonderful, exciting journey of self-discovery awaits that leads to true freedom.

Who wouldn’t want that?

Bon Voyage.

Love yourself

I spent 4 days in hospital recently as a result of the physical symptoms I was experiencing (my first nights in hospital in 13 years of living with cancer – not bad going!). A CT scan (it was 16 months since my last), showed a tumour encroaching on the sac around my heart – needless to say, my heart isn’t very happy about it. Of the many, many tumours in my body, this one is the most immediately life-threatening.

Based on the scan results, the Doctors expect me to die quite soon. They may be right, they may be wrong. My centre of consciousness is not based primarily in the physical realm, therefore in my mind, and with everything I have experienced, anything is possible. Complete Healing, Physical death, and anything in between.

A Course in Miracles says “Miracles are natural. When they do not occur, something has gone wrong”.

This statement is part of a lot of statements about miracles, which should be read together,(I thoroughly recommend doing the Course in Miracles workbook if you are serious about changing your perception of reality) however, in the mind state that I live in, Miracles are natural, and should never be discounted.

Because of the somewhat precarious state of my body (Apparently. Except for my heart, the rest of my body still works ridiculously well), I have decided to share, hopefully with some rapidity, the wonderful lessons that I have learned in my journey through 53 years of life (so far) on this planet. These lessons have been the source of my transformation from anxiety and fear into love and joy and peace. I hope that there are some snippets of wisdom held within them that will inspire others to follow their own personal path of transformation into living primarily in a state of love and joy and peace. Even in the face of death.

The first lesson I want to talk about is Loving Yourself.

There have been many misconceptions over the years about what this means. Christianity in particular has been very wary about promoting self love in its followers even although Jesus specifically instructed to “love thy neighbour as thyself”. This was the second part of a two-part commandment. The first part said to “love the Lord thy God with all your heart, your mind and your soul… and love thy neighbour as thyself”. Clearly, if you don’t love yourself first, it is difficult to love your neighbour. Most dysfunctional relationships have a basis in a lack of self love that spills out and contaminates the relationship in a multitude of ways.

There is a very good reason, I believe, why Jesus instructed to love God first. Because as we open to Divine Spirit/Life/Being/God, whichever you choose to call the Spiritual Power that runs the universe, we begin to understand our own divinity, our own true eternal nature beyond the physical body and conditioned mind that is in the foreground of our physical experience of life as a human being. We begin to see past that, and gain a perspective of Life that liberates us from fear and anxiety. It also saves us from our conditioned mind running with the delightful idea of loving itself (it doesn’t – it is generally terrified that it is unworthy and unloveable), and turning it into a shallow, narcissistic and self centred love that doesn’t transform.

I want to be very clear here, that I do not identify as Christian. Especially not in the sense that it is meant today. Some of the Christian teachings are beautiful. Many do not resonate with me at all. I use a Christian based language sometimes because I live in a culture that is predominantly Christian. I have spent many years learning ancient wisdom that does not align itself with a religion in particular, but Spirit in general. My experience is that Spirit is freely available to any and all, is in fact In everything and Is everything and therefore unavoidable: “there is no state, no place, no time, where God isn’t”. The wonder and transformation begins when we become conscious of this Spiritual Power and begin to consciously align ourself with it. Religion tends to place limits on God. There are no limits – the only limits are in our mind.

In my experience, loving yourself well, is helped enormously by opening your mind to the idea that you are a soul. You ARE a Soul. Not; you Have a Soul. You are a beautiful, wise, loving, powerful soul who is always connected to the Divine Source. Choosing to acknowledge and align your mind and body to your Soul is the beginning of a journey of transformation into love, joy and peace. It is the journey that fills your life with meaning and calm and inspiration. The journey that teaches you how to live joyfully. Fear and Anxiety fade, Love and Peace move in. And take up permanent residence. It doesn’t happen overnight, and it takes work, but it gets easier and easier, because you realise that all you need to do is be open and show up. The people, the books, the learning – whatever you need for your growth arrives. In time, on time. Everytime.

You, as eternal soul, are completely loveable, completely worthy just by virtue of Being. You are unconditionally loved, held in love. No Matter What.


I used to think, way back when I thought I needed to be perfect; that I was only acceptable if I was perfect, “why did God design me like this then tell me I needed to transcend it?”. It felt unjust. I felt like a sinful, weak victim of my humanness.

I absolutely believe that we are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience, not Human Beings having a Spiritual Experience. It may seem like a moot point, but it is an incredibly important distinction that has a huge impact on how we see ourself and the world.

Knowing yourself as a Spiritual Being having a human experience, opens up the space wherein you are able to love yourself with increasing ease. You understand that you are here to learn and grow. You hold your human foibles and frailties with increasing lightness, and no longer have the need to protect and defend them. You no longer identify yourself completely as personality and body. You become increasingly open to life and people, because you no longer need to hide through fear of unworthiness or rejection. It is a paradox that as you examine your shadows, the parts you are ashamed of, the scared parts, and allow yourself to be vulnerable, open, you actually become stronger and less vulnerable because you have perspective. You understand that everyone is flawed and struggle at some point. Everyone has self-doubts and fearful negative thoughts, but instead of falling into them, and acting as though that is all you are, you observe them and smile gently, forgivingly, and return to loving yourself. You are just here to learn, its ok to make mistakes, that is often how we learn.

Love and accept yourself.

There is enormous power in that.

I used to think “well its all very well for me to know this, but everyone doesn’t seem to, and its not going to stop them judging or criticising me or rejecting me”. No its not. But, as you grow into loving yourself, what other people say no longer affects you much. You see it for what it is – somebody else’s opinion – you have plenty of your own don’t you? It no longer triggers a fear reaction in you. If someone accuses you of being selfish for instance, instead of becoming offended and feeling the need to defend or attack in return, you simply centre within yourself and ask yourself where, at any time, you have acted in a manner that was selfish, and if you find a time when you have acted selfishly (and you will), you can calmly say “I can see why you would say that”, and thank them for pointing it out to you.

Oh the bliss of not reacting!

(And it is disconcerting for your attacker – their words have no power.)

If the person continues to attack and accuse, you simply choose to move away from them. Self love brings self respect, and it becomes easy to make choices based in self respect. Most people, unless they have serious unresolved issues that they are trying to blame on you, will respect a “line drawn in the sand” and in spite of some initial resistance to the change, will respect your new boundaries.

We model how we let other people treat us. If we are sending out an energy of inherent unworthiness, believing that we need to please others to be acceptable, letting them treat us in ways that are disrespectful, some people will respond accordingly, and often we end up feeling like a victim. Don’t condemn these people, we all have our faults, but see them as a gift sent by life, to teach you how to stand up and respect and love yourself. Change your energy by changing your beliefs, and it affects the dynamics of every relationship and every experience of life. it is that powerful.

So, how do we learn to love ourselves in a healthy way?

Many of the problems in this world could be resolved if people took this first step. Very few (If any), people escape childhood without developing some feelings of unworthiness, it is part of our learning experience as human beings. This unworthiness is the cause of most of our pain, and the pain we inflict on others by our behaviour.

Begin by opening to the notion of yourself as a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience. This does not need to involve a religious experience. Spirit is available to everyone all the time. This is simply acknowledging who you are. It will resonate with you as you sit with it, because it is truth.

Meditation is great, it helps you to be more still and to open. It also develops awareness.

Affirmations are useful if they resonate with you. Louise Hay was the queen of these, and her mirror work is very powerful. Read her books, or watch a youtube video.

Be willing to stop hiding your shadows. The parts you are ashamed of. The parts that are scared. When you feel the need to defend or attack, ask yourself why you feel like that. Don’t accept it as “just the way I am” It isn’t. It is the direct result of a subconscious belief you developed as a child that no longer serves you. Ask for help to let it surface, so you can let it go. True freedom is not being controlled by your past, not being triggered into reaction. It is a beautiful, incredibly strong place to be. It allows you to be more present. Seek the help of a professional – psychologist or therapist to help you if you can afford it. Having someone hold space for you as you investigate the wounded parts is incredibly helpful. Tell yourself you only want someone who is a good fit with you. If it isn’t the first therapist, move on until you find the right one.

Begin to watch your self-talk. How do you talk to yourself when you are angry or frustrated? When you feel unloved? Do you hate on yourself, or do you project that rage onto the cause of your distress. Don’t talk to yourself worse than you would talk to someone else. Don’t blame, that keeps you in victimhood.

Write in a journal. If you can manage it, write 3 small pages each morning. Just write, randomly. It doesn’t need to make sense. Just write whatever nonsense comes into your head. This practise helps you to become aware of your thoughts, and can give important insights into how you think. Write when you are angry or upset – again, just write whatever comes into you head. I would be very surprised if you aren’t horrified and amazed at the thoughts and ideas you have about life. Don’t judge. Just ask for guidance and clarity so you can move out of beliefs that don’t serve you. Writing while emotional, is also a physical release. It can help you to move through the emotion quicker.

Marissa Peer is an incredibly gifted Hynotherapist, Counsellor, Coach and Healer. She has many free videos on Youtube including one on Unworthiness.

These are just a few ideas. Your intention is what is important. Once you set an intention to love yourself, life will bring you what you need. it will bring you the books or support. It will also bring the people who will challenge you and trigger you – that make you dig deep to recognise and let go of the beliefs that no longer serve. Your job is to be open to whatever arises… Don’t make judgements that experiences which come are bad because they are uncomfortable. Choose to be open for the lesson within. When you do this and don’t resist What Is, it will be easier and you will move through the discomfort quickly, finding the peace and love and joy that lies beneath.

Set the intention

Do the work

Reap the rewards.

Love, Joy and Peace to you.

bias and belief

I had this astounding moment of clarity today where I could see that human beings, with very few exceptions, are primarily self absorbed and self-interested. Myself, most definitely included.

This is not a condemnation – it is simply a fact. It is the way we are designed, therefore we can hardly despise ourselves for it, and when we accept this and begin to look beyond it, a whole different perception arises in our reality.

I guess it is a biological thing. I don’t have the scientific words to explain it. I haven’t had the time yet to research it, but my feeling is that it is grounded deep within a survival instinct both in the mind and the body. That makes it a powerful force. I wouldn’t imagine it is possible to transcend it completely, without a high level of spiritual awareness and an absolute sense of living in a completely supportive universe thereby feeling safe enough for this survival instinct to be unnecessary.

With 7.8 billion human beings walking on this earth almost all of whom are operating out of an ego that is primarily self-interested, it is a wonder there isn’t even more conflict than there is. Fortunately we have evolved sufficiently over thousands of years to understand that co-operation tends to bring more positive results than individual endeavour. It is still pretty hit and miss though. Most people are not yet consciously aware of their biases.

Everyone operates from, and sees the world through their biases. We filter everything through our biases and belief systems, unconsciously choosing anything that fits in with our views and generally discarding the rest. If we are lucky, something comes along and shakes us out of our indifference, forcing us to change the way we live. Usually this is a trauma or an event that culturally we would label as bad. Any culture whose priority is towards physical comfort rather than personal/spiritual growth is never going to welcome or grow easily through trauma and difficulty.

We all spend our lives trying to adjust our world to make ourselves comfortable. And we waste a lot of time and energy taking things personally that aren’t about us at all. We have probably all had the experience of someone not acting towards us in a manner we expected – perhaps a new acquaintance not being as friendly as we would have liked, or a friend seeming a bit distant, and we have decided that it is about us. They didn’t like us, we must have done something wrong, we feel slighted and indignant, sometimes holding onto it for days or even years, and then we find out that something big was going on in their own life, and they had simply been focused on that, distracted, it wasn’t about us at all, and suddenly our feelings towards them or ourselves change, . We realise it wasn’t about us, but we had taken it personally. This happens everyday, many times a day, all over the world, because we are the centre of our own universe.

It’s all about us.

True altruism is very hard to come by. Many of us do things for other people out of the kindness of our heart, but there is still always an element of self-interest there. It can be to get our own needs met, it can be to get positive attention, we may need to “people please” because we have an unconscious belief that we won’t be liked if we don’t keep others happy often to our own detriment. Until we manage to transcend our ego through constant self-awareness and spiritual work, we are locked into operating from a position of self-interest. This may seem like very sad news, but it isn’t. As we accept that this is so, (awareness and acceptance helps us to stop protecting our self-interest), we can begin to be more open to life, less reactive, and more tolerant of other people. It is possible to grow into a space where we understand that our self-interest, in the form of wanting to be happy, peaceful, loving, fulfilled, doesn’t need to be in competition with everyone else’s self interest because we are able to generate these positive feelings from within ourselves. We don’t need other people to provide them for us. We don’t need physical circumstances to be a certain way, We don’t need all our ducks lined up perfectly for us to be happy. When we reach this state, we can be genuinely altruistic.

Everyone is simply wanting to be happy and loved and loving.. including the drug addict and alcoholic. There is nothing wrong with this self-interest – in fact it is healthy. The problem lies in what we are doing to achieve it. If the majority of humans were able to realise that going inwards with honesty and integrity and a genuine desire to know themselves was the way to happiness and love instead of looking for it outside of themselves, in the bottle, the drug, the other person, the possessions, the power, the position, the world would be transformed into a much nicer place to live very quickly.

There is a very obvious example of under-lying self-interest in a common experience of life which we are mostly oblivious to because it is “normal”.


Lets look at grief. This is probably going to make me very unpopular, but I just want to put this out there as a beginning in recognising self-interest for what it is. You don’t have to agree with me. I am just saying.

I believe that when we grieve for someone who has died, the sorrow is predominantly about ourselves. This does not make it bad. It just is, but there is something very liberating about recognising that we are actually crying for ourselves. Crying because our life has changed. Crying because we no longer have someone who we felt made us feel loved, safe, protected, comfortable..whatever it is, (these feelings actually come from within ourselves and we project them on to another), and from the fear that we may no longer feel them again from someone else. Crying because the dreams we had for a future have been broken. Crying because our life has changed and we were comfortable. Some people who have horrible spiritual beliefs that don’t include an unconditionally loving God are cursed with the burden of believing their loved one has gone to hell if they haven’t shared the same religious beliefs, in which case grief can masquerade as noble and not self-interested, but I still believe on a deep level it is.

Liberation comes from realising that if we are crying for ourselves, then we are not stuck as a hopeless victim of grief as a result of a loved one dying. If we are mourning for ourselves, and the effect of the death on our life, then we have the power to change the story we tell ourselves, and change the way we experience the loss. The big problem arises when we believe we are mourning the person who has died, we realise we can’t bring them back, and then we think we can’t change the way we feel, because they are gone. We end up trapped in grief, close ourselves off from life and new opportunities and fail to recognise the potential for love and joy that underlies everything in the universe. Including death.

The rise to media prominence of the Black Lives Matter movement, and the discussion around white privilege have made it glaringly obvious to me how we all operate from our own biases. Until last week, I genuinely had no concept that I had privileges simply because of my skin colour. I am not insensitive, however I had no idea that racism is so systemic and covert. I have always strongly condemned aggressive and overt racist attacks without understanding that these are simply the tip of an iceberg. The fact that I felt affronted initially at the notion of white privilege, feeling like the bad “other” (a feeling that people with darker skin than mine experience many, many times), showed to me that without conscious awareness of the fact, I had a belief about myself that my ego felt compelled to defend. Initially, everything within me arose to reject the notion that I was privileged or in anyway responsible for enabling a lack of equality. It was liberating to be able to acknowledge how I felt and simply allow myself to open to the possibility that I had a bias that I wasn’t consciously aware of. We all do. It shouldn’t be shameful to admit this. From this point, it was then easy to move into a space whereby I could see another point of view without feeling the need to defend my own. It actually takes a lot more energy to stay in your bias and defend than to acknowledge it and open to other points of view. It also feels so much better.

The last three weeks has brought me a health challenge in the form of fluid around my heart which has irritated the heart. The timing of this has puzzled me, because on the one hand, the Chinese Medicine I am taking is reducing the tumors, and I have a strong belief that I am healing, and yet I suddenly develop fluid around my heart which I am aware medical professionals believe is the next stage of the disease. I never believe that a symptom is here to stay. I always believe that it is here right now, but there is as much possibility that it will pass as there is that it will stay.

I ended up in the local Emergency Department again yesterday with ongoing heart palpitations on even the smallest of exertion. I really didn’t want to go as the last time I was there, I was stuck in an isolation room for 12 hours, but I felt it was important I went to find out whether I should be resting, and why the palpitations were happening. I was very fortunate. There was only one other person in the waiting room, and I was on a bed within 15 minutes, being examined. My good fortune continued… the nurse was lovely, and I was allocated a beautiful woman doctor from Jordan who was fully supportive of my past decisions to refuse conventional treatment for the cancer, assuring me it was my body, and she would respect my decisions. She told me that many women in her country were choosing to use herbs to treat cancer, and that she had thought she would never meet someone ” like me” in this country.

They took blood samples to check my electrolytes etc, and within an hour came back to report that the blood results were excellent. The senior consultant, another woman, accompanied the doctor, and remarked that looking at my blood results and looking at me, you could not tell that there was anything wrong with my body. She also, was fully supportive and non-judgmental and told me to continue what I was doing, because it was clearly working. It was decided that I needed to rest for a few days while the “water tablets” began working, and that the palpitations were not life threatening unless I started to find myself losing consciousness or really struggling to breathe. I was happy with this, and was on my way home within three hours of heading up to the hospital earlier.

It was lovely to receive support from the medical profession, because some doctors are less than happy if you don’t do the treatment they believe in. Today I have stayed resting in bed, much to my annoyance because I feel so well, and I have had no palpitations whatsoever, even on getting up to shower and toilet.

So I was lying in bed this afternoon mulling over the events of the last few weeks and the last two days in particular, and idly wondering why this was all happening, when I suddenly thought “what if its not all about me?… what if I simply needed to be at the Emergency Department yesterday sharing my story?… what if one of those Doctors or nurses is able to give someone else much needed hope in the future by repeating my story?”. I may never know why, or even if, it was necessary for me to be at the hospital yesterday. I may never know if it was meaningful in the scheme of things or not, but it seemed so clear to me how much we limit our own potential and our own growth, by having a tiny, tiny biased view on what is happening. Usually one based almost totally on how we are being affected. We really have no clue.

Because you showed up yesterday and smiled at the homeless man, you may have just implanted within him a sense of hope that helps him move towards a better life. Because you thanked the elderly gentleman who opened the shop door for you, met his eye and smiled warmly, you may have alleviated his loneliness and feelings of being worthless to society now that he no longer works. Because you listened, really listened to the person who poured out their life story to you on the train, they may have felt seen and heard for the first time in their life and that was enough for them to choose not to take their own life that night.

It is never all about us although we tend to live from this paradigm. Quantum physics talks about how a butterfly flapping its wings in South America has an impact on the other side of the world. It is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the fact that we do not live in isolation. If, as many believe, we are all connected by a field of energy, then everything we do, everything we think, everything we say, is impacting on that field and everything in it.

Our little self has no understanding beyond the most basic, as to what is going on. We have no idea what truth is. Everyone sees everything through their own unique biases and filters. Including you. Including me. The media is particularly skilled at pretending to have no bias. It does. Once we truly understand this, it is difficult to take a stance, then vehemently defend it.

We should be fluid.


This does not equate to weak and easily manipulated. When we are clear about our values and centred in them, but not rigidly attached to a viewpoint, we are able to live life open to new experiences, new wisdom, new possibilities. We are open to change, therefore we are open to life. Life is change. Life is movement.

Underlying all the universe is Love, Joy and Peace, but we may never recognise or experience this if we live our lives within rigid, preconceived parameters of good and bad.

Drop the need to label events or people, or anything, right or wrong. Anything can be used for good. It is in our power to do so. Individually or collectively. We can choose to open, soften and grow or we can chose to close, harden and stagnate. Our world is changing rapidly at the moment. It seems that chaos abounds. Maybe it isn’t chaos. Maybe this radical global upheaval is ushering in change that will benefit the earth, ourselves and future generations. If we all choose to be open, soft and to grow, the change will not be painful. If we resist, we will eventually be dragged kicking and screaming. Either way, change will happen.

It must.

Imagine if happiness became a national ambition instead of material wealth. Imagine if politicians stood in pure integrity, seeking what was best for the people instead of trying to work out what agenda will help them get elected. Imagine if everyone realised that co-operation, tolerance and kindness made life much more enjoyable than competition and selfishness.

Humanity needs to wake up.

I think it is.