About Me

My name is Rebecca Sanciolo.

I used to be afraid of cancer, however after being intimately acquainted with it for so long, I have made friends with it and use it as a tool for emotional and spiritual growth. In this blog, I will be sharing my journey and how I have learnt to live joyfully with terminal cancer.

I want to be clear straight up that although I mention spirit or soul often, I do not belong to a religion. I believe we all have a soul that is always connected to a Universal Divine Higher Power. Most of us are not consciously connected to our soul, and therefore are not utilising the extraordinary benefits available through it. I also believe that feeding our soul should be a high priority for the simple reason that it makes us feel good.

It appears there is something wrong with our culture. Most of us in so called First World countries have our basic survival needs met and more. We have lifestyles that people living in Third World countries can only dream about and yet millions are depressed, suicide is on the rise especially among young people,and many people have chronic health problems. Why is there so much unhappiness? Why are people not more resilient? Despite living with terminal cancer, I love life, have a great life, and am almost always happy. Why? Unless I was just born lucky, I believe it is because I have learnt to (most of the time), master my mind and connect with my soul.

This blog is not just about cancer – any of the mindsets and techniques I talk about will benefit you even if you don’t have cancer. They will help you to see everything as meaningful and an opportunity for learning. This mindset enables you to face whatever life throws at you with equanimity and confidence. This blog is also about feeding your soul by incorporating more beauty, love, tolerance, self-care and healing in your life.

So, a bit more about me: I am a 52 year old woman who has been living with cancer for 13 years. My partner Ian died of Pancreatic and Liver cancer in 2015 after living with it for almost ten years.

Cancer no longer scares me.

Death no longer scares me.

In February 2018, I was told by the Oncologist that I was “terminal”.The cancer was in my left breast, lymph nodes, chest and both lungs. A bone scan in early 2019 revealed cancer in my upper and lower spine, shoulders, pelvis, both femurs and many ribs. At the time of writing this, I also have five small tumours on my head.

I am extremely well.

I refused mainstream treatment, choosing instead to investigate alternative treatments, and to work on emotional and spiritual trauma as I believed that this would be where my healing would lie.

I do not believe there is a “one size fits all” treatment for cancer, rather, I passionately believe in an individual’s right to choose whatever path feels right for them, and I encourage everyone to research the many options before choosing a treatment plan. Make empowered choices.

The power of the mind and spirit is my focus in particular. Unfortunately, these two aspects of the self are not actively engaged with in Allopathic (mainstream) medicine.

I have come to believe that we are meant to be happy, the only thing that stands between us and happiness, peace and joy is our mind. We believe our thoughts, our mind has become our master rather than our servant, and we have become disconnected from what we really are – eternal spirit. The journey back to our true self is often painful initially, but the rewards are worth it.

Learning to master our mind and reconnect with our spirit allows us to be more balanced, and brings two powerful allies into our quest for healing whether it be emotional, mental or physical. We will live more lovingly, joyfully and peacefully. We will be able to act instead of react.

I have always regarded myself as a well person with cancer, and my body appears to have embraced this. As I have said, despite a body that is riddled with cancer, I feel extremely well, and am full of energy.

I have no doubt that my body can heal. I don’t know if it will, but I know it can.

The way I see it, I will die only when my soul chooses to leave this body. This will happen at the perfect time, so there is nothing for me to worry about. Everything is unfolding exactly as it should. All I need to do is show up each day, open to life, loving life.

I will Live until I die.

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