A call to love

This is the face of innocence.

The face of bliss.

A mind deeply connected with spirit and as yet, unprogrammed and undisturbed.

This is the face of my grand-daughter, Wren.

Once we were all like this. We came in, still deeply connected to spirit, innocent, pure, demanding love and nurture as our birthright. Over time, our minds developed, and we absorbed firstly from our caregivers, an impression of the world and how it works, then from the environment around us. These impressions formed our brains, creating neural connections that defined how we continued to perceive and experience the world. Some of us learned the world was safe and supportive, others of us learned fear, loss and disconnection as our reality.

We learned to give names to things, accepting what we learnt as true.

We learned about needs being met, or not. About safe arms, soft kisses, gentle touch. Or not.

We learned fear. We learned disconnection. We learned about lack. About not being enough. Not having enough. We learned to conform.

Gradually our sense of awe and wonder and excitement dissipated as new became commonplace and everything was objectified. Playdough was no longer an exciting textural material to be explored, touched and moulded, thrown, squashed, squished or licked. It became ordinary, disdained. We moved on to bigger, better.

We began to forget how to play and explore with all our senses. Our sense of self became closely entwined with and even dependent on others sense of self, and we learned that we weren’t really free to be ourselves, that other people, bigger, more important people had expectations of us that we needed to conform to if we wanted to be loved and accepted and nurtured.

We absorbed this by osmosis, not having the intellectual capacity to understand what was happening, how to stop it happening. Some hardy souls come into the world ready to fight for their individuality…these are the ones with labels in the classrooms and in the community. “Difficult”, “oppositional”, “learning disordered” this world historically has not been kind to those who don’t conform. Especially as children.

Welcome to planet earth baby.

This is what happens to all of us. In particular, none of us escape learning fear. We are all trained into a particular way of thinking by our family, cultural and geographical environments. We cannot avoid it. Much of human thinking is conditioned, unconscious, unquestioned and biased. The deep spiritual journey is a process of unlearning and returning to that state of bliss – a silent mind deeply connected to universal Divine wisdom.

A mind like Wren’s. The little ones have much to teach us if we will only look to them as teachers.

If I stopped here, it would be deeply depressing. We would fear for the little ones future. Wonder what is the point? Do we come here to suffer and then die?

There was a time when I wondered if life was meaningless, just a series of events that unfolded by cause and effect interspersed with random occurrences I had no control over. I felt like the victim of an often unsupportive and unfriendly universe. My mid-life epiphany changed everything.

The universe we live in is awe-inspiring, stunning and incomprehensible in its complexity, designed to support life and expansion. This planet earth is beautiful. Again, impeccably designed to support life, incomprehensible in its complexity and connectiveness, full of life and energy and potential and opportunity. An incredible classroom for growth and learning. But remember, what we feed, grows.

I have realised that the energetic foundation of our universe and planet is love, joy and peace. This is the goldmine of riches that humanity is sitting on. Largely unaware. This is the tragedy of humanity. That we are so lost in thought, lost in our minds that we cannot tune into the beautiful energetic foundations of the universe we are part of. The collective consciousness of humanity has created an energetic blanket of fear, wanting, competition, lack, greed and busyness and that is what most of the population are unwittingly tuned in to. Most are unaware that there is even anything else.

This world can be a joyful playground, full of constant unfolding delight. A wondrous love-filled experience, even loss and death losing its sting. It can be full of peace and full of potential. It all depends on our minds perceptions. We can return to bliss no matter what our age if we are willing to let go and unlearn.

If you can enter into meditation, leaving behind the little monkey mind that has a narrative for everything, you can swim in a sea of love and joy and peace. You can feel the edges of “you” fade away until you merge with everything around you, realising, feeling you are one with Life, which is God. No beginning, no ending.

You are life, endless, eternal life.

From that perspective, this current life ceases to be burdensome. It is understood to be simply a small part of a much larger journey that never ends. We hold physical life lightly because we know we are Life, experiencing life. A constant flow of movement and energy. We no longer get stuck and heavy. We can return to this. We can help to keep our children connected to the knowing.

If humanity could just choose love or peace or joy, or all three as the preferred state of consciousness, we could transform the world rapidly. The potential is there. We are sitting on it. It is waiting for us to choose.

Can we choose love?

Can you imagine living in a world where everyone chose love as their operating mode? We could be living in paradise on earth instead of the fearful consciousness we have now. This is the future I want for my grand-daughter. We can all play a part to shift the consciousness. We just need to choose to act from love.

My grand-daughter, your innocence and purity has broken our hearts open to deeper expressions of love. You are surrounded by love, and our pledge to you is that we will do what we can to make your earth journey as loving and beautiful as we can. You are fortunate, my grand-daughter, because you have parents that love you and are sensitive to your needs. You are surrounded by grand-parents, aunts, uncles, family friends who love you. We will encourage you to be authentically you, play with you and encourage your sense of wonder and awe to stay as long as possible.

Welcome to planet earth baby.

3 Comments on “A call to love

  1. Congratulations on the grandchild! Babies quite rightly elicit wonderment and awe at the Creator’s handiwork.

    I have read some of your blog posts with interest because you deal with topics in a theological way. I am not sure whether you would necessarily classify your writing or observations as theology, but in addressing topics of purpose, meaning, and significance it seems to me that it is inescapably theological.

    Toward the end of this post you say, “If humanity could just choose love or peace or joy, or all three as the preferred state of consciousness, we could transform the world rapidly. The potential is there. We are sitting on it. It is waiting for us to choose… Can you imagine living in a world where everyone chose love as their operating mode? We could be living in paradise on earth instead of the fearful consciousness we have now…”

    In common with orthodox Christian theology, you observe a corruption or inadequacy in human thought and behaviour. I am curious as to how you believe this came about? If the fundamental reality of the created world is love, how have human beings deviated so radically from that foundational reality? What do you believe is the ultimate cause of the problem of mankind?


    • Thank you for your comment. I had to sit with it for a day as it is not a topic that I have spent much time consciously pondering.

      For a start, I do not believe in a “problem of mankind”. There is only God, everything is God. This universe is God, the ultimate Creator experiencing God. Nothing is a mistake or error, it is merely learning. In this perceived reality (life on earth) you could say there is a problem. But in Ultimate Spiritual Reality which is God, there is no problem. All souls return to oneness with God eventually. This is inevitable – how could it be otherwise when God is a God of love?

      Everything is in God, including what we would perceive as evil and wrong. These are matters of perception as is everything on this earth until our minds relinquish complete control to the Spirit and we see things as they really are. Not through a glass darkly.

      I believe we are all born as new souls – like human babies, with little understanding and come to earth to inhabit bodies that allow us to experience life on earth, growing from gross and ignorant into knowledge of our divine nature and oneness with God. This happens over many lifetimes, in between which our souls return to Spirit for rest and restoration before returning once more to earth in another human body in another time to learn more. This obviously necessitates a belief in re-incarnation.

      Initially we have no remembrance of our divine nature and operate purely from emotion and fear based responses, hence the state of the world today and throughout history: mankind’s attempts to feel safe by using power and aggression and force. Gradually the call of the spirit becomes louder over lifetimes, and we operate more from our soul, bringing into being the fruits of the spirits such as love, joy, peace, etc.

      If we are going to go with the notion there is a problem with mankind, then I would say the problem is the belief in separateness. Separation from God, our universe, the natural world we live in, our true natures, and even ourselves as triune beings -mind/body/spirit. This separation generates fear and the resulting attempts by unevolved humanity to make themselves feel safer most often result in violence and power and all things ugly. Until a large number of humans awake enough to stand up for truth and love, the ugliness will continue. I believe there is a huge awakening happening at the moment. It is often in our darkest hours, at our most fearful, that we breakthrough our faulty human perceptions and realise we were never alone. We are part of God always and ever.

      I could write at much more depth, and did so, however just as I was ready to push send, I managed to lose the lot…obviously I needed to abridge it ….so this is the short version of my answer. The more I know, the more I realise I don’t know. This little belief I have is a merest pinprick of the truth. More will be revealed to me if needed. This is the joy of living open to Gods leading… experiencing the mystery that is God, and growing my beliefs as I experience life in God.

      I have learned that God is Unconditional Love and there is nothing to fear. There is no lack, only a perception. Everyone is doing the best they are able with the understanding they have. We are not separate from God or anything at all.


      • Hi Rebecca,

        Thanks again for your considered response. It is rare to find people who are willing to go into such depth regarding existential issues, but it is something I wish people did more since it means we are forced to think about spiritual realities that I believe too many people ignore. I think we would be in agreement about that!

        We both share the same starting point and are in agreement that there is a spiritual reality, but in most respects my view is quite divergent from yours. I hold to an orthodox Christian position that views humankind as fundamentally and irretrievably damaged and broken and thus unable to help itself. Humanity is in need of not merely a doctrinal bandage, but a whole new life – a literal spiritual resurrection.

        Nonetheless, I’m not here to persuade you of my views but rather to ask questions about yours. I have spent a considerable amount of time reading through your blog posts. You are an engaging and interesting writer and even if we have virtually opposed views (and I do not in most cases agree with your analyses!), I still appreciate your well-written and intelligent prose as well as your desire to make a positive impact on the world at large. I genuinely admire these aspects about you.

        But I do have questions! I’d be interested in your answers, (should you feel inclined to answer this inquisitorial stranger).

        In your post, for example, you indicate that human beings are embarking on a learning journey. You posit that there are many pathways for different people, but there is an essential evolutionary principle at work. We’re on our way upwards and onwards to better things. This educative process requires many lifetimes and you suggest reincarnation as the model by which this happens. You also say that between deaths there is a rest period on a spiritual plane.

        To my mind this spiritual model has an almost machine-like quality to it. People’s enlightenment is assessed; they are allocated relevant lives; and they experience periods of rest and so on. I’ve always wondered: “How and where did this system begin?” For it is definitely systematic. Yet it is also described as possessing the properties of intelligence. So my question is: “How do you believe this process of death, reincarnation, re-birth first got set into motion? How was it determined that education and enlightenment is the real purpose of existence? How does this system allocate people lives to live? Where does this system get its sense of teleology from?”

        My second question about any spiritual model is always about what our Christian theologians have long termed “the problem of evil” – a branch of theology known as theodicy. All religions (and many philosophies) must grapple with the problem of evil because a satisfactory worldview must account for the many categories of suffering and pain in the world. For me, the test of a spiritual worldview is whether it can adequately deal with the Holocaust which is pretty much the benchmark of human evil.

        In your post I seems to me that you struggle between two mutually exclusive premises. On the one hand, you acknowledge that there are ugly realities such as fear and violence. You suggest that mankind applies maladaptive strategies like aggression and power to create safety and that much of this arises from separation (or at least, a belief in separation).

        But on the other hand, you say that there is no real problem. No mistakes or errors transpire in this world, and things that are evil are merely “perceived as evil” but that even then, these are in God. You strongly underscore the point that everything is spiritually perfect in its present form; it is merely our perception that fails to see the perfection.

        I wonder how you would apply this belief to the Holocaust? The immense suffering of 11 million people in those camps was so extreme the liberators could never forget what they saw. Human bodies treated like disposable trash. Armed Hitler Youths who shot the genitals of Jews for sport. Women who approached the liberating soldiers with dead babies in their arms which they insisted were still alive. They had literally gone mad with grief and heartbreak.

        The survivors of the Holocaust (and their rescuers) had a powerful epiphany about the clear differences between good and evil; between the forces of barbarity and the forces of civilisation; between what we Christians call sin and righteousness. They had no doubt about the reality of these concepts. In fact, the Holocaust has driven a substantial body of morally clear-sighted literature that has no doubt about the reality of these concepts.

        Give this, it seems to me that to maintain the view that evil and good are just opposite sides of the same coin and that everything is in some sense perfect, necessitates a distancing from evil, the downgrade of the reality of evil, and even a refusal to take it seriously. Can you believe in ultimate perfection and still seriously appreciate the black abyss of moral evil?

        I grant you that this is a huge question! But I would be very interested to know how you process an event like the Holocaust with your particular spiritual model. How would you say an event like that could occur within a universe where the foundational principle is love? And why do victims of tremendous moral evil – those who really have touched moral darkness – have so little illusions about its reality?

        Their experiences leave them traumatised; damaged; their lives fall apart; they develop paranoias or self-destructive behaviour; or they replicate the horror with someone else – in short, the human reaction to evil strongly suggests that evil is an interloper, an intruder in the universe, not a natural or normative part of it. What do you think?

        I’ll leave this here although I have other questions! These are huge topics, of course, but I believe fundamental ones.

        Thanks for your time.


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