Forgotten love

It seems that as I experience more pain in my physical body, I become more sensitive to the suffering in the world. Watching the news is almost unbearable. It is something I seldom do now. Unfortunately the News Corporations are not awakened enough to understand or care what the impact of their incessant reporting of negativity, rage, blame, shame, violence, death, hurt and pain has on the subconscious minds of the millions of people who watch their programs. To believe that it doesn’t feed a negative worldview is naive in the extreme. If only people were more protective of their mental health. Collectively we could achieve change. Why couldn’t there be a balance of good news stories as well as bad?

As long as the driving force of humanity is money and progress – nothing is going to improve. Albert Einstein said: “No problem can be solved by the same level of consciousness that created it”. There needs to be a change of consciousness for humanity and this planet to survive and thrive.

That change is a shift from fear to love.

It begins with you.

It begins with me.

What if, every day, in every situation, we asked ourselves “what would Love do?”

Stop reading for a moment and truly, deeply contemplate this question because it has the power to change your world, and ultimately, our collective world.

In this moment, in this interaction, in this decision, what would Love do? What would Love choose?

If the question is asked with genuine intention, the answer will arise from deep within you. Because no matter how crazy and frantic and violent and ugly and self serving human ego can be, at our very core, our very essence – we are Love. Despite what would appear to be evidence to the contrary, – the state of humanity – I still believe this with my whole heart.

Buried beneath the human mind of thought patterns created by every experience, every moment of our life, we are Love, and we can access this with intention.

When we love, and when we create, we are expressing our divinity. Our Divine heritage. We are always creating. In every single moment, we are creating – as humans it is impossible that we are not. Every thought is a creation. Much of our creating is without conscious awareness – but when intention and attention come together, then our creating becomes conscious – sometimes with incredible results.


In every single moment, we are not Loving.

And herein lies the potential for the destruction of humanity and the planet – creating that is not born out of or balanced by Love.

We can see evidence of this everywhere. And apart from the creation of weapons of mass destruction, it is never more evident than in the business world that humanity has created where profit, bigger, “better”, and faster are the accepted building blocks of creation. No love in sight. Just cold, hard cash the desired result, that depicts success ..or not.

And the result? Greed, corruption, destruction of the planet, competition, self serving, extremes of wealth and poverty, abuse, exploitation, loneliness, depression, STRESS, violence…I could go on. It isn’t all bad though. There have been improvements in healthcare, social welfare, living standards (for some of the worlds population), education, social equity (in some parts of the world and population). These result from creation balanced by Love.

Someone once said that the greatest cult of all is our culture. In the so called “first world” countries, we have accepted the status quo of profit and “progress” as the ultimate aim because we have been indoctrinated in this thinking since birth. It is normal for us, we barely even think about it. But if it leads to the destruction of the planet and ultimately humanity, then it is unquestionably not a good thing… When we stop and think, isn’t this obvious?

The problem is, there is no stop button. A few weeks ago I took our dog for a walk near the river. When I stopped the car, I almost cried, because where a few months ago I had stood in a large paddock and photographed a tree silhouetted against the sunrise, with the kangaroos watching me, and birds calling, now, it was terraced, flattened, and machinery was parked there ready to continue the “development”. It hit me then that as long as we measure success and progress by money, there is no stopping the destruction of the planet. As the saying attributed to the Cree Indians goes “Only when the last tree has been cut down, the last fish been caught, and the last stream poisoned, will we realize we cannot eat money”.

Love has been forgotten in business and politics.

Love is being lost in the communities, in homes, and in hearts.

You see, we have developed this false belief that Love arises spontaneously. Sometimes it does, but often, Love is a choice… and we have forgotten to choose Love. We are too busy to choose Love. Too tired, too wounded, too un-awake, too filled with righteous indignation to choose Love.

What does Love choose?

Love chooses understanding over intolerance. Forgiveness over anger. Peace over conflict. Kindness over unkindness. Compassion over judgment. Love is not weak, needy or dis-empowered. It is strong and powerful and breaks down barriers. It carries within it the redemption of humanity. The saving of this beautiful planet.

This Love of which I write is within us all. A Love that transcends human ego, a Love that is Divine. As we choose Love every day, this love flows from our hearts out into the world. It shows up in deep friendships, random acts of kindness to strangers, family love, romantic love, love for our pets, love for the planet, love of parents for their children, nurses for their patients. This is the Love that says “I love you, but I cannot stay” when the situation is toxic, and means it. This is the Love that gives without expectation of something in return. This is the Love that sees the pain that makes someone abuse, and still loves without surrendering to the abuse. This is the Love that says “I am worthy of respect” and sets boundaries. This is the Love that sees Divinity in everyone and everything. This Love….Loves.

And oh, the rewards of choosing Love! The beautiful, feeling of loving! The human ego cries “love me”, the heart that has tapped into the Divine Love within whispers “I AM Love”, and the energy of that Love radiates out, touching everyone and everything nearby.

Choose Love, each day as though the future of humanity depends upon it.

Because it does.

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