Life is beautiful

Life is Beautiful.

It is also full of paradox.

In accepting death, we learn how to truly live.

In accepting our faults and vulnerabilities we become truly strong.

In letting go, we gain more.

In slowing down, and aligning with the flow of Life, we achieve more – effortlessly.

The more we give, the more we receive.

The more we understand, the more we realise we don’t know.

There are many. many seeming paradoxes to Life. It’s because humanity has, in the main, been blundering through Life with a particular mindset that is rather askew.

This mindset says that there is not enough for everyone. It says that WE are not enough. It says we have to fight and struggle for what we want. It says to hang onto what we get, and keep it for ourselves. It says that each person is an island, alone, disconnected. It says that fast is better than slow. It says that nature is here to be exploited by mankind. It says that the Physical reality is more real than the Spiritual Reality. It says that we are sinful and weak and not worthy. It says that power lies in force. It says that violence achieves useful results. It says that how many assets you accummulate is an indication of success. It encourages competition, while espousing co-operation. It pays people who simply entertain us, more than people who save lives and serve humanity. It says fear, anxiety and stress are a normal part of life.

I could go on.

I bought into these beliefs to varying degrees for forty years. Until my life crashed in a heap, and nothing made sense. Nothing I had learned could sustain me.

Some-one once said “the biggest cult of all is our culture”. It is good to contemplate this. Because it is – we unconsciously absorb the beliefs of our culture then live them out, until something happens to break us out of the stupor and causes us to question.

Life is actually beautiful.

But whether you experience it that way or not, depends on your mindset. The world reflects ourselves back to us. Everything is energy. Including us. Including our thoughts. Including the beliefs we hold.

All the great Spiritual traditions speak of Reaping what we Sow, Karma – whatever name it is called by. This concept has often been presented as a warning or a judgment. That is not the spirit or the energy of it. It is like a universal program – a formula – it is entirely predictable. Enter data in…. receive data out. According to the program. And yet, humanity is so busy, head down, doing, doing, doing, following its erroneous belief systems, It can’t see the bigger picture.

What I am saying is clearly a huge simplification of an incredible Creation which is beyond the understanding of our human minds. But even this simple understanding has the power to transform your life – for the better. Beyond your wildest dreams.

It may not seem this way, but we are fortunate to be here in human body. Right here, Right now. There is no mistake. You and I are meant to be here. These are exciting times, the potential for a massive shift in human consciousness. But these appear to be increasingly perilous times. Especially this year. It seems as though “all hell has broken loose”. Globally. The scab on the wound of humanity seems somehow to have been ripped off, and all the fear, discrimination, violence, suppression, abuse of power, corruption etc is oozing out like pus from a putrefying sore.

It is.

And as, in an individual human body, the wound must be opened to the light to be cleaned and healed, so must the wounds on the body of humanity.

I know that many Christians are saying it is the “last times” that were prophesied in the Bible. I don’t see it that way. I see this chaos and mayhem, the laying open of the global wounds as the possible saving of humanity. We couldn’t carry on like we were. The earth itself will not be able to sustain humanity for too much longer if we continue the way we are.

But many people are waking up. The esoteric (deeper, hidden truths) of Creation and Life are being re-discovered. Are readily available. The veil between the Spiritual and the physical world is thinner… great spiritual truths are coming through constantly via many different people. Science, particularly Quantum Physics, is beginning to prove what Sages and Masters have known for centuries.

Humanity is not alone in this. There are spiritual powers working unseen for our good. But we have free will. And at the base of everything. Permeating everything. Being everything. Is an unconditionally loving Creator. Don’t let us forget this.

Life is beautiful.

Life is not random. We are not helpless victims of Life (although that becomes our reality because we believe it). We are not just frail little human bodies and minds, meaninglessly subject to disease and circumstance. Blown in the wind of Life. We are not that. But when our centre of consciousness is in our physical reality only, it seems to be true, and we live out of that paradigm, sending the energy of that belief out – and that is what we receive back.

Our perceptions, create our reality, which reinforce our perceptions (because we get back what we send out), which reinforces our reality. And on and on it goes in a circle. And it becomes our experience and therefore our truth.

Life is beautiful. Life happens For us, not To us. Life supports, always, always supports our growth. Life holds us in love. Life gives us what we ask of it – the problem is, most of the time we don’t even know what we are asking for. (Look at your life – if there is something you are seeking, but you are not receiving it, then begin to know yourself. Chances are you have a sub-conscious belief system at variance with what you desire that has a greater energetic charge than your conscious desire). We have forgotten that we are energy. We have forgotten how to direct our energy. We have forgotten the greatest source of energy. We have forgotten the unconditional Love of our Creator. We have forgotten, forgotten, forgotten.

Let us seek to remember. Re-member. Put back together what we really are. What is already there.

Life is truly beautiful. Away from the clamour and noise of the human mind that has forgotten, everything is peace and love and joy. Awe, gratitude, wonder, peace, joy and love become the only response possible.

What you send out comes back exponentially. More love, more joy, more peace, more awe, more wonder, more gratitude. It becomes the default setting. Effortless.

Life is beautiful.

Life is truly beautiful.

Choose to see it that way.

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