we are creators

We have forgotten what we are.

Genesis 1:27 “So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him, male and female he created them”.

I may not identify as Christian, because my understanding of Jesus, God and the Bible don’t align with what most Christian churches teach today, (reading Marcus Borg’s book “The Heart of Christianity”is now making me think perhaps there is a place within Christianity where I could fit), but I studied the Bible for the first 40 years of my life. It is a sacred text, with many great spiritual truths in it, and because I live in a predominantly Christian country, which tends to regard the Bible as the only sacred text worth reading, I often like to refer the lessons Life has taught me into Christian language. There is a still a mistrust in many people towards Eastern Spirituality which I think is a great shame. There are many sacred texts and deep wisdom to be found there, and many of the great Eastern spiritual traditions provide a more practical framework than Christianity does, on how to incorporate this spiritual wisdom into everyday life.

I believe that God is universal. I do not believe that God is available specifically to people of one religion or another and not to others. This belief about Gods availability has been the cause of separation, intolerance, judgment, discrimination, anger, domination, superiority and wars. Whilst God cannot be blamed for mankind’s interpretation of God’s Will, if the results of a belief about God’s Will are the direct opposite of Love, then one has to wonder on a purely logical level alone, if perhaps the belief requires deeper contemplation with an open heart.

To get back to the topic of this blog post.

We Are Creators.

Like most verses in the Bible, the above verse is open to many different interpretations within the limited scope of the human mind to comprehend Spiritual matters, but my personal favourite interpretation of this verse is that God created mankind as Creators – like God is'(but to a lesser degree – clearly).

Even though the evidence of our ability to create is all around us – in the many physical products designed and then built by mankind and the manipulation of nature for our own comfort, this knowing of ourselves as creators has not been extended to every aspect of our life with conscious awareness.

Most of humanity has limited themselves severely.

We create our lifestyle – this is obvious when we think about it. However, we have allowed even that creation to be limited by the prevailing social and economic beliefs of the cultures we live in. We unconsciously adopt these beliefs, and they become ours, providing the parameters of mind within which we operate. The parameters of mind that limit us.

Most people have heard the awful story of the elephant who was chained by the foot to a post in the ground when it was young and kept there. When it was older and bigger, and much much stronger, the same chain and post kept it trapped there even though physically the elephant could now simply pull it out and walk away. It was trapped within the limits of that chain, because it had the belief it was. It still believed in the experience of the past, when it was little and powerless and the chain was stronger, and it remained trapped – by its belief.

Most humans are like this. Unconsciously living within the confines of limiting beliefs that keep them stuck. There are some exceptions of course – the people who do amazing things that seem to defy the limits of what was thought humanly possible. They do this, because somehow, they have broken the stranglehold of limiting beliefs, reached for the stars then had the will to take action and follow their dream.

Most of us, at one time or another, have awoken to the possibility of something different – a different choice perhaps – a standing up for ourselves – a step outside our personal box. We have often approached the change with caution, thinking our world might collapse, people might hate us, things might go frightfully awry, only to discover that the opposite is true, everything falls into place, things change for the better, and we look around wondering why the heck we put up with the status quo for so long before we made a move.

We put up for so long because of our sub-conscious limiting beliefs that told us safety lay within the known, and anything outside of the limits was unknown, scary and potentially a danger. Unless our desire for change arises from inspiration with its accompanying positive energy, (or total desperation), the feelings of fear and anxiety of stepping outside our comfort zone often overwhelm us and we sink back into the stupor of the known.

We Are Creators.

We have an enormous, untapped, personal potential for creating. And most of us barely scratch the surface.

In the country I live in, it is possible for the individual to feel they have a measure of control over their life. They can make choices. We are fortunate. But despite this freedom, depression, suicide, stress, anxiety, domestic violence, general violence and chronic illness are all on the rise. Dramatically on the rise.

A fundamental problem, I believe, is that we have all been mis-directed into using our creative abilities on the physical world. Our external world. We don’t use our creative abilities internally, within our mind. The focus is outward. This only brings a temporary happiness.

We Are Creators. While we cannot control a lot of what goes on outside of ourselves – Life still sends us (or seems to) accidents, death, job losses, wars, unpleasant people, unemployment, illness etc. We can use our creative abilities to manage how we experience life.

For some reason, this is a very under-rated ability. We Can Use Our Creative Abilities To Manage How We Experience Life.

This is really, really powerful. One of the most life-changing concepts you will come across. It has the power to literally transform your life. Not just your mental and emotional life, but it on-flows to your physical life also.

Imagine you and your neighbour experience the death of a partner. The light goes out of her life. She struggles to accept and adjust. He was too young, it isn’t fair, I’m alone, I’m frightened -she sinks into grief and despair, and ultimately ends up on anti-depressants. She shuts down through fear and sorrow. You, on the other hand have consciously chosen to use your creativity within your mind. You have chosen to adopt beliefs about life and death that sustain you. You believe that everything unfolds perfectly in Divine order, in Divine timing. You trust that you live in a universe that supports you. You open your heart to the outpouring of love and support from friends and family, you believe you are all Eternal Souls, that death is not the end, but a transition. You open your heart to finding love and peace and joy, because you aren’t trapped in negative beliefs about life and death. Can you imagine how different your experiences of a similar event are going to be?

This is just a tiny example of the power of perception and it’s affects on our life. We all perceive the world in a particular way, based on our conditioned mind, mostly we do this unconsciously, and believe that our perceptions are real – they are to us. But we can change them, and change our life for the better in the process.

We Are Creators.

We are not victims of life, except within our own mind. We are Eternal Spirit having a human experience.

We have the ability to change our mind.

And when we bring our Soul into the equation and seek to align our minds and bodies with the Eternal aspect of ourselves – Ah… then, we’ve brought in the big guns, and our life will improve beyond our wildest dreams.

You don’t have to believe me. I have lived the victim-hood role. Now I am living the conscious creator role. I am happy to report that the latter is incomparably better. This has been my life journey and it is very real to me. You have your own path and your own choices, but please, please, open your mind and heart to greater possibilities – open your mind and heart to you as a creator: empowered, inspired and inspirational.

This is what we are. It is just our limiting sub-conscious beliefs that convince us otherwise.

Free yourself and fly.

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