Death is a touch of the soul

“Death is a touch of the Soul too strong for the body to ignore

It is a call from Divinity which brooks no denial.

It is the voice of the inner spiritual identity saying;

return to your Source for a while and reflect upon the experiences

undergone, and the lessons learned

until the time comes when you return to earth for another

cycle of learning, of progress and enrichment”

Alice Bailey – The Unfinished Autobiography

This is one of my favourite quotes about death.

Death is a touch of the soul…

One of the greatest causes of our suffering as a human being is identification of ourselves as a body. Many of us make the mistake of thinking we have a soul, when in actual fact we ARE a soul – we have a body.

A body that is temporary – how temporary we don’t know, but chances are, it is only going to last a hundred years at most. The Soul is eternal, the body is temporary.

Most of us live in cultures which are heavily identified with physical matter rather than Spirit. We have medical systems that see death as a medical failure, death is not discussed, many people never see a dead body and we have very few rituals to help us mourn in a healthy way when some-one dies. People are so busy earning a living, accumulating physical objects there is no time for reflection.

Death has become the enemy.

And seen from a purely physical point of view it is. It seems to rob us of everything familiar and solid and gives us a vague and dubious hope of something largely unknown instead. It seems to be the end.

For the Soul, death is the liberator. The friend that releases the Soul from this heavy, cumbersome physical body that imprisoned it for a while. Free again.

Home again.

The call from Divinity which brooks no denial…. when this call comes, there is no choice but to follow.

It comes on time. At the right time.

From the physical viewpoint, it seldom seems the right time to die – especially to those who love the one who has been called. We don’t want them to go. We want them to stay – for us. It will mean change and uncertainty. How will we cope? What if we don’t?.

Life will never be the same.

Life IS never the same – from one moment to the next it changes but I don’t notice. The changes are small enough to ignore.

Until a big change is forced upon me.

Life is change.

Life is movement.

Nothing stays the same.

I can either resist or accept.

Resistance closes me to life, it puts a hard shell around me and prevents me from fully participating in life. It takes away joy and peace. I can become bitter and resentful. Stuck in my pain. Isolated, Alone.

Acceptance opens me to life. It softens me, makes me more wise and loving. Opens me to learning and growing. Through acceptance I can experience the love and peace that underpins all creation. I feel connected, loved, alive.

About a week after my partner Ian died, I was walking early one morning with Monty his dog around the farm where we lived, when suddenly it felt as though everything became still.

Completely Silent….. It was as though time ceased… Even the birds stopped singing.

I had an overwhelming sense of knowing Ian as eternal spirit. Timeless and Free. And then I understood completely that I also was that. We all are that, and I knew that it didn’t matter if I lived another 50 years on this earth without him, because it was nothing, just a blink of an eye in comparison to eternity. For that brief moment, I experienced myself as timeless. The wonder of that moment remains with me five years later.

My mind and body, because they are creations of this world, only know time as experienced on this earth. My Soul, although linked to a physical body for periods of time, exists outside of time and space, and is timeless.

My Soul is fearless because there is nothing to fear. My Soul knows no grief for there is nothing to grieve. My Soul knows each physical life is like a play performed on a stage for the purpose of learning and enrichment, but sometimes my mind forgets “I” am just the actor playing a part and I take it way too seriously.

Would I grieve if in the play a character died, and I knew that in a little while, when the curtain goes down on the final scene we would be re-united again? From the viewpoint of the Soul, this is all it is when the physical body of some-one we love dies.

Millions of people in this world suffer because they identify themselves as a body and mind and not a Soul. This is guaranteed to cause suffering. Choosing to know ourselves as Soul will bring us out of suffering into peace and love and joy. Its not difficult. We live in a universe that is designed to support our Soul growth – that is the whole purpose of it, so whenever we decide to know our-self as Soul – everything we need will come to help us to achieve it.

We just need to be open.

4 Comments on “Death is a touch of the soul

  1. I beieve this is true..felt this way more since my mother passed. There is a kind of celebration when the soul leaves the body…its turning on their head my past ideas of grief..maybe we grieve selfishly for missing the person. Thought provoking.


    • I wouldn’t say this too publicly, because some people find it offensive, but I totally agree. In a sense, grief is selfish… it is all about us and what we believe should have been or what we have lost. As Byron Katie says: a tantrum against reality. As we become more connected to our own soul, and live more and more from there rather than the mind, grief as a response to death becomes less likely. I feel like I really should have differentiated between sadness and grief in the blog…. sadness is a temporary natural response to loss as we consider and adjust to change, however, grief; deep, intense, overwhelming, life destroying sorrow, is not natural, and I believe, arises from dysfunctional subconscious beliefs and programs that need to be addressed rather than drugs or support groups which tend not to heal the cause. Just my opinion!

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      • That makes sense.. I noticed I had unresolved grief for my Dad but once I was able to feel the sadness I could release the loss.. in the case of my sister then my Mum the sadness was intense at first but passed in time.. I still miss them but I know they were meant to go.. so I get what you saying here…


  2. There is a birth and death every minute. We can choose to experience life in this way. We can choose our response to life, we can change the way we hear things internally and externally! On the spot if needed! We can choose to know we are eternal right here right now! And that is my response to death I choose to LIVE! BE ALIVE! I am eternal, ALL OF ME! And with a little help from life and my friends I get to stay that way! Amen! ALLELUIA! Great work Bec! Loving yourself and loving life in the way that you do is a great inspiration and treasure trove of LOVE 💕 and HOPE and FAITH in The All!
    Essentially and the way we are made there is only one! One you, one me, one spirit, one God! To experience, articulate and live fully is almost another thing sometimes, depending! My Faith remains in Christ always has always will! Wherever I am and whatever I am doing 💋❤️


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