You are Unique

I was asked the question today, “what about supplements and diet”.

Many, many people have had wonderful results healing from cancer using diet and supplements. It is an intelligent decision to support the body physically to heal by giving it the best nutrition you can.

There is an endless amount of products out there that claim to do amazing things to treat cancer. And they probably do have great results for some people. If you have a magnesium deficiency for instance that affects your health, then addressing that imbalance should make a difference – that is common sense. But if you have sufficient magnesium in you body for its needs, taking extra probably isn’t going to have great results. The body will either flush it out, or if it can’t do that, it will store it somewhere (which may cause problems). The body is extremely clever at keeping balance – we need to trust it more. If there is a physical imbalance affecting your immune system and causing the cancer, supplements may be the answer. It is worth doing.

In my opinion, and it is an opinion – I am not an expert on anything except my own life and even then sometimes I don’t have a clue! (Although I have spent the last 13 years informally studying cancer and the mind and spirit) – I think there are many causes of cancer – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Imbalances, unhealthiness or abuses in all of these areas manifest physically. As human beings we are Mind, Body, Spirit. The are intertwined. The body is the barometer of the mind and spirit as well as being impacted by its physical surroundings. It is a tool for us to experience life on earth.

We are unique and individual. This means that what is right for one person, is not necessarily right for the next. There is the old saying “One man’s meat is another man’s poison”. It is so true. It is also true for cancer treatments both mainstream and holistic.

I believe we need to connect with our own body and mind and spirit and learn to trust ourselves and what feels right for us.

If you go to an oncologist, they have a certain skill-set they have been trained in. It is quite narrow, and that is fine, if they have what you need. They tend to have a very aggressive approach to cancer that works contrary to the natural processes and intelligence of the body. (A lot like mankind’s approach to nature – domination and force). They also tend not to know how to support the body to heal (including heal from the effects of their treatment). If you feel this is what you need, it makes you feel safe and you believe in it – then go for it, it will probably work for you, (and the body’s incredible powers of recuperation are never more apparent than when it recovers from chemotherapy and radiation treatment).

If you go to a Naturopath or other “alternative” practitioner, they also have a skill set that they are trained in. They tend to have more options in their tool-kit than Oncologists because of the vast array of supplements and tonics etc available to support the bodies own healing mechanisms.

Most of the above do not invest a lot into the mind and spirit as well as treating the body for the simple reason they have their particular interest and naturally focus on that. A good holistic practitioner should help with mind, body and spirit.

None of them inhabit YOUR body, mind or spirit. Only you do. As such, you experience the best indications of whether something is good for you or not. If you aren’t so disconnected and busy you don’t notice them.

I didn’t listen or trust myself for a long time. I did the whole diet,supplements, CBD, cannabis, IV Vitamin C, Juicing, protocols etc, and it didn’t make a scrap of difference to the cancer although my body does appreciate eating healthily and getting good nutrition.


Because I wasn’t listening to myself. I knew way back when I was diagnosed, that the cancer was associated with the anxiety and stress in my mind, and the powerful and negative beliefs I held about God as well as unresolved trauma. I believed that my physical healing (if I was meant to live) would come about through healing myself emotionally and spiritually. I also believed there was a purpose in having this cancer that was directly related to fear and dying, and I was meant to help other people overcome this, but I had to overcome it myself first.

As I say, I didn’t really listen because I was a conformist and I felt compelled to listen to others who followed the path of nutrition – the path of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery felt so compellingly wrong for me that I wasn’t going to go there. (Having said that, after 12 years with cancer, I had 2 x one week sessions of radiation last year which I am glad I did for various reasons – I will explain in another post). Perhaps unsurprisingly, the nutritional path seemed to make no difference whatsoever to the progression of the cancer.

Now that I have finally decided to step into “my purpose” and share what I have learned, I feel incredibly energised and even more well than usual. With regards to the physical impact of this step on the cancer – time will tell. In the meantime I am loving life and enjoying myself.

In summary, You are unique, you are individual and your body will respond uniquely to any treatment you decide to undertake. Investigate options, ask opinions, seek advice, but always come back to yourself, sit quietly and ask yourself if it feels right for you. Until you learn to trust yourself, it takes courage because there are very loud voices out there with strong opinions who are quite happy to tell you they are right. Often with the best of intentions.

The universe is designed to support us. Some people heal into living, some people heal into dying. Some people are cured, some people aren’t. Personally, I believe that I will only die when my soul decides it is time to go home and why would I argue with that? It is all good. It will be the perfect time. Relax and enjoy the journey instead of worrying. It is going to unfold how it is going to unfold, all you need to do is show up each day, willing and open to learning and growing and what you need will arrive.

Life is for Living

Drop the need to know why things are as they are.

They are.

Accept it. Work with it. Don’t fight against it and you will find you can be happy anyway, no matter what. AND YOUR MINDSET AFFECTS YOUR PHYSICAL HEALTH.

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