The Language of Cancer

I don’t know if you have noticed, but the language surrounding cancer is the language of warfare.

Pain, suffering, VICTIM (my least favourite), loss, fear, aggressive, fight, kill, battle, conquer, victory, hopeless, enemy, war, death.

These are all words I have regularly seen associated with cancer. The media in particular loves these words because they are emotive and predominantly fear based.

The language of war is a language of fear (unless you are the victor). My passion is to help reduce the fear around cancer, so a good place to begin I think, is with the language.

We often don’t realise the power of words. The words that surround cancer heighten the fear. The word “cancer” carries with it the accumulated energy of the words associated with it.

Masaru Emoto in his book Healing Power of Water, describes how that “in Japan, it is believed that every word possesses a soul. For e.g Gratitude. When we say the word, we haven’t just given sound to a string of letters, but have expressed a meaning and a feeling. We believe that a word possesses this power of transmission because it has a share of the word soul and is its representative. By saying “gratitude”, we enter into resonance with this word soul and vibrate in unison with it.”

Wow! That is pretty powerful stuff – and beautifully put. And so true.

Still yourself for a moment, close your eyes and think of the word “cancer”. See what words and emotions are associated with it. You may even feel your body as well as your mind react to it by a tightening in your gut, or a physical feeling of tension. In contrast, think of the word “joy”, and see what words and emotions come up. It immediately becomes apparent that words do carry an energetic charge that affects both our mind and our body.

The word “cancer” carries with it an immensely negative charge perpetuated by the prevailing fear filled attitude towards it – in my opinion, unconsciously aided and abetted by the medical profession and the media.

Despite living with cancer for 13 years, I am not, and never will be, a cancer “victim”.

I am not battling cancer, it has never been a fight, I am not part of a war.

As a result, suffering has not been my experience. (Pain is physical, suffering is mental/emotional).

Cancer has taught me how to live joyfully.

Cancer has taught me how to love deeper,

To be more real,

To be vulnerable, soft, more open

To be peaceful

To be much more fearless

Cancer has taught me not to sweat the small stuff

Cancer has taught me to be grateful, to appreciate each day.

Help me to re-frame cancer and reduce the fear surrounding it.

You can start off simply by not talking about cancer “victims” or the “battle”.

Don’t talk about someone who has died as having “lost their battle with cancer”, as though dying of cancer is some ignominious defeat – a personal failure.

Don’t show pity for someone with cancer – that is dis-empowering and originates from YOUR fear.

Think about the words you speak and think – not just in relation to cancer, but in life in general.

Are they predominantly uplifting and empowering? Or do they drag you down and dis-empower.

Remember – once we are aware, we can choose our perceptions, our attitudes our responses to life. When we are unaware, we are run by our sub conscious programs – many of which we adopted when we were children and which no longer serve us.

Change your mind – change your life.

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