A Beginning

I have decided to begin sharing my experience of cancer in the hope that in some tiny way it can help to dispel the fear in our culture that surrounds this illness.

As some of you are aware, I have lived with cancer for almost 13 years. I chose not to have conventional treatment (radiation/surgery/chemotherapy) until this last 6 months during which I have had two weeks of radiation for management of symptoms.

I am not advocating rejecting conventional treatments as the best path for everyone, however it felt right for me. I believe that the healthiest attitude is to explore available options, both conventional and alternative and make an informed choice based on what feels right for you.

Almost two years ago, I was told that my condition was “terminal”. I found this very amusing. Isn’t every living creature on this earth going to die? Sorry to be brutal, but the only difference between me and you, is that doctors believe they know what I will die from and an approximate time frame.

Last scan in February, the cancer was in my left breast, lymph nodes, both lungs, chest, spine, pelvis, both femurs, shoulders… I think that was all. 😅😁…. who knows where it is now.

The great passion that has arisen out of my experience is the power of mind and spirit in how we live our lives. My Palliative Care specialist believes that the reason I have well and truely outlived statistics, is because of my mind and spirit. Apparently, statistically, I should have died years ago. Lucky I dont put my belief into statistics.

Through my posts, I want to share some of the perspectives that I believe enable me to keep so physically well, and mentally happy and peaceful when my body is so compromised. I have a great life, and I love life. Paradoxically, cancer has taught me how to really live.

My thought for today;

This cancer in my body in Reality, is neither “good” nor “bad”.

It just “Is”.

Only my mind attributes the value.

How I experience the cancer is greatly affected by my perception of it.

If I choose (and despite perceptions appearing to be involuntary, we do have a choice), to perceive it as “bad” , negativity, fear, victimhood, suffering and pain will arise.

If I choose to perceive it as “it just Is”, it has no power over me, and by ceasing to perceive it as “bad” I open a space wherein the potential for it to be “good” arises. We live in a universe which is underpinned by love and joy. Within EVERYTHING (including cancer, and death), is the potential to experience love, joy, peace, happiness, contentment.

It is only our mind that prohibits us from experiencing this.

Isnt that exciting??!!!

Doesnt it take away fear? We cannot choose WHAT we will experience in life, but we can choose HOW we experience it.

In every situation try to choose Love not fear. It has the power to transform everything.

I am happy 99.9% of the time.

This is the gift cancer has brought me.

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